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Trees to Plant

Ever wonder what type of tree is good to replant in your Central Florida yard? We've carefully curated for you the top 50 tree species that thrive in the Orlando area, are much-loved by your fellow residents, and are commonly available for purchase at Central Florida nurseries. The tree species we've chosen are either Florida natives or "Florida Friendly" (non-invasive and recommended by the University of Florida for cultivation here). Please peruse these trees to find ones that fit your property, needs, and preferences. Enjoy your trees!

To be published this fall…

Cover of the upcoming Central Florida Trees to Plant publication.


Arizona Cypress Bald Cypress Longleaf Pine Norfolk Island Pine Eastern Red Cedar Oriental Arborvitae Yew Podocarpus

Deciduous Ornamental

Crapemyrtle Eastern Redbud Weeping Willow White Fringetree Tabebuia

Evergreen Ornamental

Bird of Paradise Burford Holly East Palatka Holly Japanese Privet Olive


Loquat Mango Papaya Persimmon


American Sycamore Drake Elm Southern Live Oak Nuttall Oak Pecan Pignut Hickory Red Maple River Birch Southern Magnolia Sweetbay Magnolia Sweetgum Tulip Poplar


Bismarck Palm Cabbage Palm Christmas Palm Pindo Palm Pygmy Date Palm Sylvester Date Palm

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