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Fall 2010 Newsletter

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Are Your Trees Ready for a Hurricane? 6 Danger Signs

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Dear Central Floridian,

It is our goal at Tree Work Now to keep you informed and up-to-date about caring for your trees. We appreciate your confidence in us as we help you keep your trees safe, healthy and looking beautiful.

Will Your Trees Survive a Hurricane?

florida certified arborist investigating a tree hole

Hurricane season is heating up! You need to know if your trees are safe. Even a strong windstorm can turn a weakened tree into a real hazard to your home and family.

Check out these 6 danger signs.

  1. Limbs over your roof - Since there is plenty of available sunlight above your home, trees naturally grow over your roof. As the limbs grow, they become heavier and potentially dangerous. Horizontal branches and those with weak joints are more likely to cause roof damage. Our Certified Arborist can inform you how wind-resistant your trees are.
  2. Hollowness and Decay - A barely visible hole in the trunk can indicate large internal cavities. After we fell a hazardous tree, clients often marvel at how hollow it was, "How did it stay standing?" Even a minor wind can topple such trees.
  3. Leaning - A tree leaning towards your home, car, or play area is an obvious hazard, with or without a windstorm. Our experts can determine the strength of a tree's root system and the likelihood of it falling, given its particular species, angle of lean, and size of trunk and canopy.
  4. Proximity to Utility Lines - Preventing a power outage is a powerful motivator to trim nearby branches. According to the Tree Care Industry Association, any tree that has limbs within 10 feet of overhead lines should be considered hazardous. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) adds that trees or limbs falling onto lines "may cause power outages, surges, fires, and other damage. Downed lines still conducting electricity are especially dangerous. A tree with a potential to fall into a utility line is a very serious situation."
  5. Dead Limbs - Dead or dying limbs (or whole trees) often fall in a windstorm. The longer tree rot continues, it becomes more dangerous and costly to remove the tree.
  6. Dense Canopy - Thick branches and leaves can create a barrier, preventing wind from passing through. In a strong windstorm this increases the risk of the whole tree blowing over. Thinning a canopy to allow for air penetration minimizes this danger. This same pruning practice can also stimulate turf growth in your lawn.

Like your own health, preventative care is less expensive and traumatic than dealing with a crisis. Our Certified Arborist can identify and treat many tree defects, including root damage, diseases, insects, and wounds from improper pruning. We are glad to assess the storm-readiness of your trees at no charge!

Request your free assessment online at Tree Work Now or by calling Jim (407) 416-2704 or Dani (386) 216-4481.

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Every week we hear stories of heart-stopping moments that homeowners experience at the hands of do-it-yourself tree cutters.

Tell us your story and enter to win a $100 gift certificate to Farris & Foster's famous chocolate factory in Orlando. The winning story will be published in a future newsletter.

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Do-It-Yourself Safety

Our top D-I-Y tip is NEVER use a ladder and a chainsaw at the same time! Many of the horror stories our customers tell us involve both a ladder and a chainsaw. This is not surprising given that both tools make Popular Mechanic's list of the Top 5 Most Dangerous Tools! Tree care professionals avoid using ladders whenever possible, opting for a harness and ropes to secure the chainsaw operator.

Over half a million people are treated annually for ladder-related accidents (according to The American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons) and 97% of them are homeowners.

If you can't reach it from the ground, our Workers' Comp covered crews can conduct the pruning safely while simultaneously enhancing the health and beauty of your trees.

Check out our website for more tree care tips!

Thanks for voting us Daytona Beach News-Journal's "Best In The West" tree service for 2010. It's a pleasure to serve you!


Evan Keller, Owner
Tree Work Now LLC

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