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When serving Mrs. Ruth Johnson in Port Orange's Spruce Creek Fly-in, we did not complete the job as quickly as we had promised. I underestimated the time it would take to complete the job, and thus committed too small of a crew to it. We completed her tree work in our customarily thorough manner, but it was days beyond her deadline, leaving her quite disappointed. In hopes that she would again feel good about choosing our tree service, I refused to accept any payment for our work. She was shocked and near tears, saying that no one had ever done anything like that for her. She was used to contractors trying to take advantage of her, and I wanted to rebuild some of that trust and be a part of how things ought to be. You may confirm this account by calling Mrs. Johnson at 386-761-5929.

Evan Keller, Owner of Tree Work Now LLC

When I needed to have tree work done on my property, I called Tree Work Now to provide a quote for the work that was needed. After meeting with owner Evan Keller I felt confident in his sincerity and willingness to provide the best service possible. For this reason I chose them to provide that service.

The team for the most part did an excellent job, but because of a miscommunication between Evan and his team, one of the trees near the house was heavily over-pruned. When arriving home that day I immediately called Evan and he came right over to assess the situation. Because the tree in question was near the house, he understood why the team took the action that they did, but acknowledged that it was not at all what we had discussed. Evan took full responsibility for the error, and in his willingness to earn my complete satisfaction, he allowed me to make the decision of how to compensate for this error, even leaving me the option of not paying ANYTHING for the full day's work his company had rendered!

Evan's handling of this matter was so professional that when I again needed tree work done I chose Tree Work Now. This time the work that was necessary was very difficult because one of the large trees that needed to be removed was completely surrounded by hardscape. The Team did an excellent job and I could not have been happier with the results.

In the future when I need tree service again, there will be no question whom I will use. I highly recommend Evan and his team because of their skill, integrity, and professionalism.

Barry Smith

Deland, Florida

Barry Smith Deland, Florida

We wanted to remove a 40' sycamore tree from our back yard that was causing troubles with our pool and pool pump. My dad and I though we could cut the tree down ourselves, but we were a little over confident (any thing seems possible when you are sitting in a pool having a couple of beers). After a weekend of playing lumberjacks, we realized that this job was best suited for the professionals. I called Tree Work Now as well as a few other companies to get a couple of estimates on the work. Tree Work Now came in with the lowest estimate ($500 for removal and stump grinding). When we decided to go with their proposal, my wife called the company to set up an appointment. They came the very same day and preformed the work and removed the tree! One little mishap did happen. The tree was right up against a our vinyl fence and when they chopped the first part of the tree it came down and damaged the top part of the fence! Not to worry though, they sent a company out the very next day and the damaged part of the fence was replaced at no extra charge in less than 24 hours. All work was preformed as described and the tree was gone, fence fixed and the stump was grinded within 48 hours of calling the company. They didn't even ask us to pay until all work was finished. I will use this company again for any tree work that I need as the price was fair and the job was completed faster than I expected. My wife and I were very pleased.

Richard & Mai Pereksta

They did an incredible job removing an oak from our property. What was more impressive was that they called me to acknowledge they damaged our sidewalk. Accidents happen. They did not hope I didn’t see it, or that I’d forget, argue, or deny it. They were proactive, apologized, and made it right (and encouraged me to delay that draw of the payment until everything was 100%). As someone who works all day with contractors, I can say that is incredibly rare. Will not be hiring anyone other than this company in the future for tree service or removal. Update: have now also used them for trimming. Great work. Reliable, good communication, and great clean up!

Matt G.

Fixing a problem

We have no interest in just making a quick "buck" for today; we'd rather build a trusting, long-term relationship with each customer, and protect the exceptional reputation we've worked so hard to build from Orlando to Daytona. That's why in the cases detailed here, we chose to take substantial losses in order to win the hearts of two customers we had disappointed. We want EVERY tree service customer to be not only pleased, but "wowed" by both our work and the professional manner in which we conduct it. As good as any company's intentions and precautions are, eventually something will go quite wrong, and that's when their true colors will show. Because of the multitude of potential mishaps on any given tree job, discerning how a tree service would handle a problem becomes a VERY important factor in choosing to whom you'll entrust your property. These two accounts reveal how seriously you can expect us to treat your expectations and concerns.

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