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Orlando Tree Trimming

Orlando tree trimming and proper pruning of your trees is both an art and a science. Both form and function will help you enjoy your trees over the long term. Whereas some “tree surgeons” leave your trees deformed and unable to thrive, an experienced Certified Arborist provides structural pruning that can extend their lifespan and enhance their aesthetic beauty.

We know that the safety of your family and home is of utmost importance to you. A Certified Arborist with extensive experience with Orlando-area tree species can identify joints that are likely to fail in the near term. Whenever possible, Tree Work Now’s arborists will recommend interventions that will save your trees so that you can safely enjoy them longer.

Why Do Quotes Vary So Widely?

Have you ever wondered why you can receive vastly different quotes for the same Orlando tree trimming job? Let’s explore the potential reasons for that wide divergence:

Possible reason #1: You’re being scammed. No one wants to be taken advantage of, which is one reason homeowners tend to obtain three quotes, on average. While price gouging certainly happens in our industry, reputable tree companies want to earn your trust and win your loyalty as a long-term client.

Possible reason #2: Estimators sometimes get it wrong. With so many factors going into the price of Orlando tree trimming, even experienced estimators will occasionally vastly over-estimate or under-estimate the amount of time, expertise, equipment, and fuel that a job requires. It’s usually an honest mistake because they really want to get it right as much as you do so they land the job without losing their shirt!

Possible reason #3: You’re dealing with companies of differing caliber. If “two-guys-and-a-pickup” don’t have the proper equipment to safeguard your property, pay under the table, don’t protect you with insurance, damage your property without making it right, or just quit when a challenge pops up, these shortcuts could mean a lower price for you. If you’re the gambling type, pray that everything goes exactly right! You might get lucky. The old adage is never truer than in the tree service industry: “You get what you pay for.”

Possible reason #4: Many different outcomes are all called “tree trimming”. Ask for a detailed, written description of what will be done to your trees so that you can “compare apples to apples”. Is the objective to trim away from your roof or service lines, to prevent blow overs by thinning canopies for light and air penetration, to remove dead wood, to raise canopies for pedestrian or vehicular traffic, to structurally prune for strength, or all of the above? Ask your estimator for written recommendations on what your particular trees need and to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. There are big differences in outcomes and prices between an amateur’s 20-minute trim and a professional’s 2-hour “proper prune”.

5 Questions to Ask an Orlando Tree Trimming Contractor

To avoid this disaster, here are five questions to ask about the metro Orlando tree trimming services you are considering:

  1. Do they employ a certified arborist?
  2. Do they exhibit adequate tree knowledge and passion?
  3. Do they carry Worker’s Compensation as well as General Liability insurance?
  4. Do their reviews reveal reliability, integrity, thorough work, superior communication, and praise for their safety, teamwork, and equipment?
  5. Does your intuition tell you they would not sell unnecessary work or leave you with unaddressed damage to your property?

Top Three Pruning Mistakes:

  1. Topping – Attempting to reduce the height of a tree by removing the top portion of its crown and trunk causes several problems. Over-pruning (removing more than 20% of the foliage) puts a tree into shock. This excessive stress triggers a mass of bushy new sprouts, often called “suckers” because they divert nutrients and water from the rest of the tree. This new growth is not structurally sound and rather quickly thwarts the homeowner’s desire to reduce the tree’s size, who is now saddled with an even larger and weaker tree. Our certified arborists can perform crown reductions to reach your goals in a way that preserves tree health.
  2. Improper Cuts – Flush and stub cuts prevent proper healing and encourage rot that weakens trees. A flush cut is cutting the branch flush to the trunk, causing too large of a wound that takes longer (and more energy) to seal off and sometimes leaves a cavity that weakens the tree. So, don’t cut into the trunk when removing a branch. You know you’ve cut too much when your cuts are elongated rather than round. Now, let’s address the opposite problem. A stub cut is leaving too much of a branch stubbing out of the trunk, making it hard for the expanding trunk to enclose over it. Instead, the stub becomes a portal to diseases, pests, and moisture. Eventually it rots, leaving a cavity that weakens the trunk. Instead, when removing a branch where it attaches to a larger branch or trunk, leave a short collar since cutting too little or two much both cause problems. If you’re unsure of doing it yourself or have more pruning than you have time or proper equipment for, our certified arborist-trained crews are ready to serve you.
  3. Sidewalling – Removing all of a tree’s branches on one side is often done to trim a tree away from a roof, sometimes as required by the homeowner’s insurance company. It is sometimes done along a property line as well. As you likely guessed, sidewalling causes the same emergency growth problems that come with topping a tree or other types of over-pruning. In addition, it can make your tree unstable in the wind—especially if your tree has a weak root system or the remaining branches are sizeable and leaning heavily in one direction.

Plan for proper pruning for safety and longevity with Tree Work Now's Orlando tree trimming experts.

Treescape Assessment:

Our Certified Arborist can provide you a free phone consultation on the condition of your trees, recommending solutions that are best for their health, safety and beauty. We will offer recommendations pertaining to the:

of your home & family

  • Roof clearance
  • Preventative storm thinning
  • Utility line clearance
  • Dead & broken branch removal
  • Leaning or hollow tree removal
  • Dead tree removal
  • proximity to home correction
  • Vehicular & pedestrian clearance

of your landscape

  • Visual clearance
  • Dying tree removal
  • Thinning for turf growth
  • Storm damage correction
  • Sucker growth removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Debris removal
  • Replanting

of your trees

  • Thinning for light & air penetration
  • Invasive species removal
  • Insect treatment
  • Disease treatment
  • Mistletoe removal
  • Structural pruning
  • Weak joint correction
  • Characteristic shape restoration

Request Assessment

A tree before receiving proper pruning from Tree Work Now's Orlando tree trimming team.

The final results of our Orlando tree trimming team's work.

A tree before receiving proper pruning from Tree Work Now's Orlando tree trimming team.

The final results of our Orlando tree trimming team's work.

A tree before receiving proper pruning from Tree Work Now's Orlando tree trimming team.

The final results of our Orlando tree trimming team's work.

A tree before receiving proper pruning from Tree Work Now's Orlando tree trimming team.

The final results of our Orlando tree trimming team's work.

A tree before receiving proper pruning from Tree Work Now's Orlando tree trimming team.

The final results of our Orlando tree trimming team's work.

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