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Kids & Trees

Free tools to fuel learning and delighting in trees

Feel free to share, print, and use these tree resources we've created for the children in your life. Growing their natural love for trees is good for them and the world they will soon be stewards of.

Tree Leaf Finder

This simple tool is a fun way to visually match leaves of common Central Florida trees.

Directions: Print on thick paper and cut out the center. Place a leaf you encounter in the center and compare it to the shapes of leaves pictured here to see if you can figure out what kind of tree your leaf came from.


Tree Leaf Identification Guide

This guide can help kids (and adults!) learn more about different species of trees they find in Central Florida.

Directions: Print, laminate if desired, and cut along dotted lines. Punch a hole in the bottom of the pages and join them together with a zip tie, string, or rubber band. Take it outside and explore!