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Orlando Tree Removal

Given the many well-known benefits that trees bring into all of our lives, the decision to remove a tree is a consequential one that deserves careful consideration. This is especially true for a slow-growing mature tree which over decades has found a place in your heart and has become a place of residence for local wildlife.

While we have the finely-honed skills and specialty low-impact equipment to safely remove your tree, the two charts below can help you weigh whether tree removal is the best solution for your current situation.

Bad to Good Reasons to Remove a Tree

Not Recommended:

  • Merely to plant grass
  • Tired of raking leaves
  • Historic tree removal
  • Permit-less removal of protected species
  • Dislike a tree
  • For firewood
  • A branch has fallen but tree is healthy otherwise


  • Insurance cancellation letter
  • Harvest for lumber
  • Within striking distance of a building but not in danger of falling
  • Litter on vehicle, driveway, or pool enclosure
  • Clearing the view
  • Allowing more sunlight for the lawn
  • Saving the sidewalk


  • Directly under power lines
  • Solar array installation
  • Building or pool construction
  • Invasive species removal to restore native habitats
  • Thinning of closely spaced trees
  • Replanting of Florida native or Florida-friendly species
  • Mature tree in rapid decline
  • Creating space for orchard or garden


  • Dead
  • Undermining foundation of home
  • Massive lightning damage
  • Destabilizing trunk decay
  • Severely storm-damaged
  • Fatally diseased
  • Preventing spread of disease or insect infestation
  • Leaning heavily towards a structure
  • Cracked trunk

Saving Your Tree

If considering removal because…

You can avoid removal by…

Lawn needs more sunlight

prune native species and remove invasive species

Insurance company demands it

obtain a letter from a Tree Work Now certified arborist with recommendations to reduce risk to structures.

Sidewalk is dislodged

work with the proper authorities to re-engineer the sidewalk.

Planning to build a pool or structure

consider incorporating your tree(s) into the construction design in a striking way, keeping in mind the eventual mature size and shape of your tree(s).

Visible crack between trunk and large branch

have the tree inspected for possible cabling by a Tree Work Now certified arborist.

Mature tree is declining

crown reduction to concentrate the tree’s available nutrients into a smaller canopy.

Non-fatal disease or insect infestation

request an assessment and treatment plan from a Tree Work Now certified arborist.

Installing a solar array

place the array in an already sunny spot in yard or on roof and trim trees to increase access to sunlight.

Leaves fall on your vehicle

move vehicle or create a roof over it with fabric or permanent structure.

Leaves fall in your swimming pool

trim to reduce falling leaves while retaining some shade to keep your pool cool.

Whether you’re ready to request a tree removal quote or want a professional recommendation from experts who love trees as much as you, feel free to contact us to discuss your tree situation.

We look forward to earning your trust.

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