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DIY Tip for Dealing with a Fallen Tree

Because a tree's fibers are flexible, a fallen tree bends under its own weight. So, it's under tension on one side and under compression on the other. If you cut the compression side, your saw will get stuck in the wood. If you cut the tension side, the log may snap like a giant mouse trap being sprung. As if there weren't enough ways to die, fallen trees often roll as tension is released!

Rules of thumb:

  1. Cut short segments starting with the smallest branches.
  2. Clear cut branches away from your working area so you always have a clear escape route.
  3. Wear gloves and hardhat.
  4. Only proceed if you have extensive chainsaw experience.
  5. Know the limits of your capabilities and let us know when you need help.

Be careful out there!

DIY Tip for Dealing with a Fallen Tree

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