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How to Choose a Tree Service Company

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How to Choose a Tree Service Company

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by Lina Fletcher

Choosing a good tree service company to handle your trimming or removal needs can be tough. Do a quick Google search for “tree removal” and you’ve instantly got multiple pages of names to sift through and a map peppered with little red dots. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

We’re here to highlight a few qualities that will narrow down your options.

1.  Do they carry insurance?

Tree maintenance has a high potential for crew injury or property damage. The last thing you want is to be saddled with medical bills or roof repairs! A General Liability insurance will cover accidental damage to your property, while Workers’ Compensation covers injury to crew members. Ask to see their insurance. If the documents are not available for viewing on their site, they should be able to provide you with a copy. 

2.  Do they have the proper equipment?

Most tree service is more than simply a ladder and a chainsaw. The well-established trees growing in our neighborhoods are expansive and weighty. A good tree service company will use an aerial lift vehicle to access the tree safely. Rope and tying techniques by experienced climbers can also be employed to gently lower branches to the ground. 

3.  Do they request payment AFTER work is completed?

We’ve all heard the horror stories of companies that ask for money up front, then disappear. And what’s really sad is this is still happening! A quality tree service company prioritizes good customer relationships, and will request payment after the work is completed. 

4.  Do they clean up after themselves?

Nobody wants to come home to tree debris covering the lawn and no sign of the crew that left it there. Choose a tree service company that takes time to rake up the twigs and leaves on the lawn, put the landscaping decor back into place, and leave the walkways clean.

Additional questions to ask are do they offer a free quote?

Do they show up for appointments, or call ahead?

Do they listen to your concerns and answer your questions?

Do they respect your property?

With so many local tree service companies to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. Asking these questions will narrow your choices and allow you to confidently select a good one.

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