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Clean Lawn and Healthy Trees

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Clean Lawn and Healthy Trees

guy cuts up a dead tree limb with chainsaw


by Lina Fletcher



My Holly trees are dead. 


I’ve got two in the front yard that have become the eyesore of the neighborhood, shedding bark and dropping small branches onto the lawn. They look so bad that tree companies have started ringing my doorbell with offers to chop them down. 

If they should fall during the next big storm, the one by the street wouldn’t cause much damage. But the one closer to the house would either crash into my bedroom, take out my neighbor’s utility lines and possibly her car, or hit the ground onto the septic tank—all bad options!

I decided to call Tree Work Now for a free quote. Their people are trained by a Certified Arborist and have enough local credibility for me to be able to trust their advice. Plus, I heard they’re currently offering a discount. 


holly trees in front of home before trimming


Roy arrived to the appointment and took a long look at my trees.

“They’re not dead,” he said.


“No, not dead, but they’re struggling.” And he went on to explain the natural growth pattern of Holly trees and how careful pruning would energize the main trunk and promote a fuller canopy. The portions of bark that have fallen off won’t regrow, he told me, but the trees themselves will be healthy and strong with several more years of life in them. He really knew his stuff.

I was so happy to hear that! I love my Holly trees with their mottled bark and was sad to think I’d lose them. 

He quoted me a price for pruning both trees, and said they could fit me in the next week. I smiled and shook hands with him. 

That afternoon they emailed me a written version of his quote as well as the Certificate of Insurance they carry. I was pleased to see I wouldn’t be liable should anything happen while their crew is on my property. 


The crew arrived on a chilly morning, greeted me, confirmed the scope of work and set up their equipment.


crew leaders hands chainsaw to guy in aerial lift


red tracked lift on lawn


I watched as the guy in the aerial lift cut down the unsightly dead branches with his chainsaw. He even trimmed back the branches that had become entangled in my neighbor’s utility lines.


man in aerial lift cuts branches with chainsaw


The crew was thorough, raking and cleaning up the debris as they went. Friendly, courteous, hard-working—these guys left me with a clean lawn and healthier (and happy-looking) trees!


ground crew rakes up tree debris on lawn


holly trees after being pruned



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