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Tree Work Now is the exclusive home of The Property Promise, our painstaking approach to mitigating the property hazards inherent in tree work.


ORLANDO, FL - A crane being used by a well-known Orlando area tree service recently collapsed and crushed a customer-occupied home. Worse yet, the tree crew fled the scene without even checking on the well-being of their customer!

We offer you a double promise in vivid contrast to this tragedy: 1) vigilant prevention, and 2) prompt repairs in conjunction with on-the-spot communication, should something go wrong despite our best efforts.

Preventing tree trimming damage Preventing tree trimming damage

How We're Different

Promise #1 - Prevent Damage

Significant customer property damage is even more common in the tree service industry than you may expect. Why? Damages that should have been avoided often stem from poor decision-making due to inexperienced or chemically-impaired tree workers. Inadequate equipment also brings on avoidable damages. Read More

Promise #2 - Repair Promptly

In the rare case that significant damage occurs despite our thorough prevention protocol, we promise to do everything in our power to make things right as quickly and thoroughly as possible with a high level of communication with the customer. Read More

To read how we've enacted this promise with two actual clients, click here to see how things turned out: Fixing a Problem

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The Property Promise


  1. Communicate with customers regarding sensitive aspects of their property.
  2. Communicate the above information to each member of the tree crew.
  3. Move whatever can be moved out of harm's way.
  4. Create a plan to minimize damage using the right techniques and access routes.
  5. Carry out the work with drug-free, highly experienced tree workers.
  6. Leave the lightest possible footprint with low-impact equipment.


  1. Notify customers immediately of any significant damage.
  2. Notify company owner immediately as well.
  3. Make repairs immediately whenever possible.
  4. Involve any necessary contractors on the next business day.
  5. Provide customers with regular updates on the progress of repairs.
  6. Ensure customer satisfaction with a call from our general manager.
  7. Collect payment when restoration is complete.