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Tree work Orlando crew members

Our Crews

Who Will You Entrust Your Property To?

If you've hired many tree services or heard horror stories from your neighbors, it won't surprise you much to hear that when Tree Work Now owner Evan Keller first endeavored to build a new kind of tree company, he went through 36 employees in the first year just to form one solid five-man crew!


SCREENED FOR QUALITY: Now each of our crews from Orlando to Daytona not only have excellent tree service experience, but also have significant time working together as a seamless team, a factor that is often overlooked. In addition to selecting the rare tree worker that meets our 13 written crew member expectations, we've also selected for arborist training, commercial drivers licensing, heavy equipment operation, no record with the law, and a great attitude towards team mates and customers.

DRUG-FREE : We not only claim to be a drug-free company, we actually administer drug tests immediately upon hiring each worker. We are vigilant about this because this industry deals with extreme danger already without the additional hazard of chemically-impaired behavior.

FAMILY-SAFE : We conduct pre-employment background checks through Ask the Seal to insure that no one with a predatory history finds opportunity to abuse people or steal possessions on your property. This is part of our effort to rebuild the trust which the tree service industry has breached with Orlando area residents and business people.

SUPERIOR IN SKILL : Because we have become the preferred place to work, and have had more work than our competitors during the economic downturn, we've been able to hire and retain some of the most highly skilled tree workers in Central Florida. And superior skill is certainly what you want at work in your yard given the endless nuances and unpredictability inherent in tree work, the mishandling of which could have dire consequences for you and your property. See our Property Promise

ABLE TO GIVE MORE THAN A GRUNT IN RESPONSE! : We aim to raise the industry standard, in part by sending crews to your property who will wow you with their politeness and responsiveness to your wishes and concerns. While a descriptive contract prevents most customer/contractor misunderstandings, we are quick to give our customers the benefit of the doubt, even if it means doing more work than we had anticipated. We promise to send you a crew that will be pleasant to speak with and with whom you'll be at ease even if you have valuables in sight. Most of all, they will impress you with their hustle, persistent work, and attention to detail. They'll look for every twig, going far beyond the norm. We truly stand out in this regard.

Orlando tree trimming crew

A crew member trimming a tree in Orlando Tree work in Orlando performed by a licensed and insured crew

Orlando tree trimmer crew members using a crane to lift heavy limbs out of a yard safely

Our Equipment

Why Should You Hire a Tree Service with Great Equipment?

SPEED: Firstly, having heavy duty equipment will get your tree job done much more quickly, allowing you to get back to your other priorities, including enjoying your improved landscape! Out-of-date equipment is far slower, but poorly maintained equipment can completely stall your tree job. I've seen tree equipment stranded on customer property for days while a repairman orders parts that should've been replaced months prior.

CARE: Secondly, the attention to detail and pride of workmanship that a tree company gives to their equipment is likely to be similar to how they take care of their customers, for better or for worse. It also demonstrates responsibility, or lack thereof. If a contractor is not making the right decision to protect his own income-generating property, what makes you think he will care about yours?

Tree removal equipment used by us in OrlandoLOW-IMPACT: Thirdly, we have purposely purchased equipment that will have a lower impact on your lawn than what our competitors generally use. For example, on very loose ground, we use our top-of-the-line T300 Bobcat which will not get stuck and has no wheels to spin. Alternatively, on well-manicured turf, we prefer to use our Kubota 520S whose flotation tires and articulating front end will have a lower impact on your grass as it carries heavy logs.

Unlike any other tree service we know of, our entire fleet of large trucks is equipped with All Wheel Drive. Because of this, your yard will not be yet another casualty of tree trucks spinning their wheels and getting stuck. This feature costs us thousands of dollars per truck, but saves you the damage and delay that many others face.

Less Waste Through Maximum Wood Recycling

We use the largest wood chippers manufactured for residential tree care. These can turn up to 20 inch diameter logs into wood chips, recycling more material than our competitors. The wood chips are yours to keep for low areas, driveways, or landscape beds. Or if you'd prefer we can haul them off and give them to other customers on our long wood chip list.

Superior Results Through Superior Equipment

In summary, we've all seen the botched results of attempting a task with the wrong tools. Our tree service crew uses only top shelf professional grade equipment which translates into better results and lower impact on your Orlando or Daytona area property. We look forward to serving your tree trimming and tree removal needs. We can also grind your stumps or remove debris from storms or your own yard work. Let us know how we can help make your property even more stunning!

A Photo Gallery of Our Tree Trimming and Removal Equipment

Tree removal equipment Tree removal equipment Tree removal equipment

truck collecting and hauling wood chips from tree work small tractor lifting tree limbs while performing tree service in Orlando

Tree removal equipment moving large branches

Tree removal equipment moving large branches

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

Tree removal equipment used by us in Orlando

See more photos of our crew, equipment and results in our main tree removal photo gallery.

Al - Crew Leader

Al turned his high school summer job into a career and is now one of our most seasoned climbers. He learned the ropes of tree care in Maryland, becoming a licensed tree expert at age 21. Although missing the Northeast winters, he has embraced our Florida outdoors, emerging as a crew leader committed to safety and excellence, and certified in aerial rescue. He’s a devoted family man, renowned grill master, and avid golfer who brings fun to everything he does.

Brian - Estimator

Brian moved here from Michigan in ’86, and remains a true Red Wings fan. He joined the team in 2014, being drawn to a company whose high level of excellence and integrity matched his own. While his experience involves leadership and management, he brings with him a singular desire to improve the lives of the people he connects with. He’s an avid fisherman who enjoys exploring new saltwater hot spots.

Roy - Crew Leader

Roy spent his childhood in Costa Rica, and carries with him a love for the outdoors. He’s an experienced climber, certified in aerial rescue, with nearly 20 years in the tree business; and utilizes his analytical nature and high value of safety to coach our crews toward streamlined efficiency. He’s a devoted family man, a skilled scuba diver, and a competitive Spartan Racer who has already tamed the local courses and is ready for an out-of-state challenge.

Jeff - Estimator

Jeff is a natural innovator who has been in sales since he was a 9-year-old mowing lawns in his neighborhood. He joined the team in early 2016, and combined his experience in customer care with his naturally hardworking style to become an estimator who takes pride in making his clients feel valued. Jeff’s weekends often find him enjoying the beach with his wife and two sons or discovering local talent at live music venues.

Dani - Chief Operations Officer

Dani is Chief of Operations and our Certified Arborist who spends as much time climbing trees as he possibly can. His love for healthy, well-pruned trees is obvious to everyone he encounters. He tackles daily challenges with a hard-working energy and determination that motivates and shapes our crews. He’s intuitive and generous, and enjoys watching football, wrestling with his boys, and traveling with his family.

Angela - Administration

Angela joined the team in its early days and has played an integral role in the growth of the company. Her ready smile and friendly manner make her a favorite among staff and customers alike. Angela created and developed a mentor-style training program for our crews that encourages growth and accountability and sets them apart in their field. She’s a writer, a photographer, and a loving mom with a keen sense of adventure.

Mike - Equipment Operator

Mike is our ground foreman who can fix anything with an engine. He’s a 20-year veteran of the tree business, and his hardworking, reliable character combined with a dry sense of humor make him a valued member of the team. Mike is a proud family man, married for 28 years, who enjoys showing his four grandkids the best local places to go mudding.

Lina - Client Liaison

Lina works in the front office, and has been campaigning to move our headquarters to the beach since she joined us in early 2017. She has a friendliness and sincerity that adds quality to her interactions with customers. Her creativity, detailed accuracy and professionalism have earned her a valued spot on the team. She loves stepping outdoors with camera in hand, and recently splashed our website with some of her own handiwork.

Orlando - Crew Leader

Orlando joined the team in 2016 and has become one of our most trusted climbers. He holds certification in aerial rescue, and his creativity and innovative ideas promote a quality of improvement that benefits the whole team. His cheerfulness is contagious. He’s a family man with an adventurous spirit and culinary skills that showcase his Puerto Rican heritage.

Orlando crew member climbs a tree to complete pruning

Tree removal in Orlando by crew member in bucket truck

Crew completing tree service in Orlando

Orlando tree trimming client care staff

Our Client Care Staff (Amy, Karen, Angela) are ready to provide you with extraordinary service.

They were efficient and dependable. They did everything that was stated in the contract and cleaned up so well you could not even tell they were there. I would highly recommend them!!

Carole M, Orlando

Jim Phillips and his team of climbers and cleaners did a great job! They trimmed my tree, gave me tips on how to keep it healthy, and raked my yard. Plus the price was cheaper than the other estimates I received. Everyone was very polite, respectful and professional. Since my tree is old, Tree Work Now will be helping me maintain it with a 6 month check up.

Julie P

Tree removal equipment

Tree removal equipment

Tree removal equipment

Tree removal equipment

Bucket truck equipment carefully positioned for tree removal

Does the tree service you are hiring have insurance? We do.

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