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Tree Work Now leverages “business for global good”

Creating Jobs Inc is a nonprofit founded by Tree Work Now’s CEO. Our Orlando tree service funds this business development organization and donates some of our CEO’s time to lead it. Creating Jobs Inc serves 52 amazing entrepreneurs in Florida, Haiti, Honduras, and Mexico.

Visit to see how we “mentor and train entrepreneurs to grow companies, create jobs, and help communities thrive.”

GrowBook - 24 Essential Drivers of Small Business SuccessWe wrote the GrowBook business training curriculum to help these developing world entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Other organizations are also using the Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole editions of GrowBook with their clients.

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The above illustration shows how these business mentoring and training programs came about, sprouting from hard-earned business acumen gained from building Tree Work Now and a realization of what a force for good business can be. For more on how this unfolded, see Our Story page. Hiring Tree Work Now for your Orlando tree trimming and removal needs helps create jobs within our company and in the 52 companies we serve in Florida, Honduras, and Haiti. You can further fuel our nonprofit work by participating in our Paddle Out Poverty event or by giving directly to Creating Jobs Inc.
If we don’t have air, we don’t breathe. If our business wasn’t profitable, it wouldn’t last long. But just as we wouldn’t make breathing the purpose of our lives, we want our business to go beyond making money. We’re truly fulfilled when serving others, “loving our neighbors as ourselves.” First and foremost, we hope you “feel the love” through our extraordinary client care and our superior care of your trees.

See the National Federation of Independent Businesses’ story on Tree Work Now’s job creation efforts.

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