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In addition to these occupational licenses, we are also licensed by many Central Florida municipalities which require such regulation. Unfortunately, however, this is not a very important credential in the tree service industry compared to say plumbing, roofing or building contractors. They have comprehensive state licenses that actually involve intense testing and vetting of credentials related to skill and compliance with best practices and code requirements.

Sadly, there is no such oversight of the tree service industry. If there was, much of the unprofessionalism would be rooted out of our industry. As it stands, every single citizen of Florida can walk into their county courthouse tomorrow and obtain a license (merely an occupational license) with no more than a driver's license as a credential, and the roughly $25 fee. This offers absolutely no accountability to the consumer other than a way to find a mailing address of the "company".

So when a tree company brags that they are licensed, there's something wrong! The real credential to demand is not even "insurance" which is usually only General Liability (covering broken fences but not broken bodies). All truly qualified Orlando tree services carry current Workers' Compensation coverage, and few they are. Here is our certificate.

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