Jul 03 2009

Our Orlando tree service does our civic duty at state parks

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Being a preferred vendor for the state of Florida, we’ve enjoyed contributing to the public good by performing tree removal at Orlando area state parks. Most recently, we’ve trimmed trees at Blue Spring State Park and just yesterday at DeLeon Springs State Park. Park Manager Brian Polk called us in to increase the safety of their trees prior to the huge anticipated holiday weekend crowds. We trimmed deadwood above picnic areas and pruned trees hanging too low over their pavillions. We were quite the attraction to the sunbathers at the spring’s boil, especially during one particular fancy manuever. Dead limbs from each of two historic live oaks were resting on each other. Cutting just one at a time could cause the heavy wood to break live branches off the trees or could create an even more dangerous “widow maker” hanging branch situation. So as dozens watched and film rolled, we had two climbers harnessed in the trees and each cut their dead branch simultaneously for a perfectly executed drop. Tree removal in Orlando area Blue Spring State Park is chronicled in another blog entry. We’re glad to serve the public good, especially on Independence Day weekend!

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