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Mar 31 2010

Lawn Chemicals can damage your Orlando trees

I hope you are getting on board with the greening trend to protect our environment. Hopefully, it is becoming more well known to our Orlando tree service customers that chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides applied to landscapes contaminate our waterways and water supplies in the form of run-off. An article entitled “Trees and Turf” offers the following advice to our Orlando tree trimming customers:
Many herbicides or weed killers that are used in turf can cause severe damage to trees when misapplied. Misapplication can occur on windy days, causing the drift to fall on non-target plants, or on hot days when the herbicide may vaporize and diffuse into the air. While most herbicides do not kill tree roots, some, such as soil sterilants and a few others, do. Herbicides that can cause tree damage have statements on their labels warning against using the product near trees. We highly recommend using on organic programs for your lawn and trees. No chemicals allowed.
Thank you for cutting back on the chemicals you use even though it often makes caring for your Orlando landscape more labor intensive. I myself am a fan of Roundup because it kills weeds so effectively and quickly. I’ve cut back on its use because my wife has chemical sensitivities. In any case, please remember the environment as well as potential unintentional harm to your trees as you select treatments for lawn insects and disease as well as weeds. Thank you for making Tree Work Now Orlando’s top tree service.

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Mar 30 2010

Prescription drug use on the rise among Orlando tree trimmers

Sadly, most Orlando tree service workers are substance abusers. It’s a bare fact, and a sad one. Also unfortunate is the fact that most tree removal Orlando companies do nothing to screen out drug abusing employees, making an already very dangerous job even more dangerous, which increases the liability for Orlando tree service customers. On top of that, most tree trimming Orlando companies do not carry Workers’ Compensation to cover such rather common injuries. Prescription drug abuse is one of the most common ways Orlando tree trimmers get their high. In case someone does have them tested, this gives them wiggle room since they are not outright illegal. Even the standard DOT drug screen does not test for prescription drugs, but the test we use through Guardian Occupational Services does indeed. Don’t cut corners. Hire the best tree service in Orlando. We have competitive prices and can save you lots of expensive headaches as well!

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Mar 29 2010

Fertilizing your trees

Now that it seems that Spring is actually here in Central Florida, many folks have become paying attention to their yards. This is the right time of year to fertilize your trees for maximum growth, especially for heavy native feeders such as Magnolias. Simply tell your local nursery what types of trees you have and they will help you select the proper fertilizer. Here is a caution to keep in mind:
Maintenance practices for trees and turf are different. Because tree and grass roots exist together in the upper 6 to 8 inches of the topsoil, treatment of one may damage the other. Fertilizer applied to one plant will also be absorbed by the roots of a nearby plant. Normally that is good, but excessive fertilization of either trees or turf can result in tree crown or grass blade growth greater than desired.
Aside from fertilizing, its also a good time to prune your Orlando trees. We’d be glad to give you a free assessment of your trees, along with Orlando tree trimming and tree removal recommendations. We try to save trees whenever possible, but some are too close to your home, diseased (which could spread to other trees), leaning too severely, or dying. In these cases, its best for our Orlando tree service to remove the problem tree and replant a healthy tree in a more appropriate location. Please call Tree Work Now for all your tree removal needs. Thank you!

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Mar 27 2010

Why should you use free wood chips from our Orlando tree service

Why should you take advantage of our Orlando tree service’s offer of free wood chips? Here are some benefits to your trees that come from putting wood chips around the trunk:
A 2- to 4-inch layer of wood chips, bark, or other organic material over the soil under the drip line is recommended because it
• helps retain soil moisture
• helps reduce weeds and controls grass
• increases soil fertility when mulch decomposes
• improves appearance
• protects the trunk from injuries caused by mowing equipment and trimmers that often result in serious tree damage or death
• improves soil structure (better aeration, temperature, and moisture conditions)
Please remember us when you need a load of wood chips or when you need tree trimming Orlando services. In fact, having us trim your trees is the quickest way to get a load of wood chips, as they are in high demand. We also offer very competitive rates on Orlando tree removal. Have a great day!

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Mar 26 2010

Orlando tree service backed by Ask The Seal

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Mar 26 2010

Ask the Seal is an excellent resource for finding the best Orlando tree service. Tree Work Now is listed there exclusively among Orlando tree removal companies. Among other things, this service gives customers assurance that background checks and other important screening has been completed on all who will be on Orlando tree trimming customer property. My wife reads to me regularly of increasingly desperate burglaries in broad daylight across Central Florida as people find ways to survive financial crisis. Add on top of the the expensive drug habit that many Orlando tree trimmers have to feed, and it makes it more likely for items to disappear from your home, yard, or garage while contractors are present. We are one of the few tree service Orlando companies that actually has a drug free policy enforced by regular testing. We look forward to serving your tree removal Orlando needs in the near future. Thank you!

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Mar 23 2010

Spring free tree assessment by our Orlando tree service

Tree service Orlando is on people’s minds again now that its finally warming up. We are ready and willing to give you a free assessment of your tree’s health, safety and beauty. Our Orlando tree trimming crews are in heavy demand now that spring is here, but we have capacity to care for your trees as well. We are excited to help you make your landscape so much more beautiful, as well as extending the lifespan of your trees. Structural pruning can help your trees grow in more healthy and aesthetically beautiful ways. Unfortunately, most people just wait for several years until branches have grown into their homes or branches have fallen on their roofs and cars. Annual pruning by Orlando tree service can continually train trees for optimal health, reducing the need for Orlando tree removal. Please call Tree Work Now today for your free tree assessment.

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Mar 20 2010

Making you happy raises the bar for Orlando tree services

We want to make our Orlando tree service customers happy! That’s what our company is all about; yes, we need to profit from our tree removal Orlando work, and we’re proud of the many jobs we’ve been able, with God’s help, to create and multiply for Orlando tree trimmers, but we take pride above all in creating value for the Central Florida community. There is an entity in existence now providing a higher level of professionalism, service, honesty and sobriety than existed in the industry locally prior to the formation of our Orlando tree service. This raising of the industry standard is our top goal, and by making surprisingly happy tree trimming Orlando customers, we force other companies to “up their game” in order to compete and survive in this difficult economic market. And that means everyone wins: even if tree service Orlando customers hire the second tier tree companies, they will get a better service/product than they would have a decade ago. As we’ve worked hard to make you happy, thanks for making us Orlando’s top choice for tree trimming services.

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Mar 19 2010

Why is it so hard to find quality Orlando tree trimmers?

Oddly, on one of our Orlando tree service crews, we have two employees who we had fired over 1.5 years ago. After correcting the aspects of character and workmanship that led to their terminations, we gave them another shot to demonstrate that maturity to us. After a few weeks for one and a few months for the other being back on our tree removal jobs, it seems that they are willing to work to our expectations. As the owner of Tree Work Now who has unfortunately fired dozens of people per year, I’ve ceased to be shocked at the lack of character and work ethic among Orlando tree service prospective employees. Let’s face it: its a rough industry. And as much a pain that aspect of the tree business has been for me (when previous employees have lied, cheated and stolen from me and their fellow employees), the silver lining is that we’ve had the opportunity to be surrogate parents for many of these folks, helping them to grow up and be responsible. Even the firings have hopefully taught a few of them that their behavior has consequences and if they want to succeed in life, they need to add value to others rather than solely living for their own immediate comfort and pleasure. We are proud of the Orlando tree removal crews we have built, folks we can trust and who have excellent tree trimming skills. That is a very difficult combination to develop in the Orlando tree service industry.

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Mar 18 2010

Spring finds Orlando tree service ready to serve

Spring is here! or is it? One more cold snap, perhaps. That’s apparently why the farmers almanac and conventional wisdom say not to plant your vegetables before Easter! In any case, Central Floridians are beginning to peer out of their homes and discover again that they have yards and treescapes which they’d like to maintain and beautify. This is a good time to get trimming done far before the crunch of hurricane season when Orlando tree trimming companies are swamped. Call now for a free Spring assessment of your trees health, safety and beauty. We can give you our recommendations for tree removal Orlando and any trimming or treatment which will extend the life of your trees. Thanks for making Tree Work Now Orlando’s choice for tree trimming and tree removal.

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