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Feb 27 2010

Youtube video of tree trimming from vantage point of tree climber for Orlando tree service

Dani Keller, Tree Work Now’s general manager still gets up in the tree and demonstrates skills and hustle for his Orlando tree trimming crews. Check out the video tab at to view our latest youtube video taken by Dani from the top of a tree while conducting an Orlando tree service job. Its amazing how small buildings and vehicles look from fifty feet up, underscoring the dangers involved in tree removal Orlando. Such heights along with the weight of wood and the heavy equipment used in Orlando tree trimming operations is what makes the work so dangerous, which increases the cost to the consumer. We conduct our tree pruning with safety measures in place, recently passing with strong reviews by the Workers’ Compensation safety inspector. Please choose Tree Work Now for all your Orlando tree removal needs.

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Feb 26 2010

Replanting service available from Orlando’s Tree Work Now

For only $65 (in our nearby service area), we can re-plant 30 gallon live oaks which are approximately 10-12 feet tall. Our Orlando tree service also provides other native species for planting, including magnolia trees. When you hire us for your tree removal Orlando services, why not plant a tree in a more appropriate spot in your yard or to replace a tree which died unexpectedly. Our tree trimming services exhibit concern for the environment by mulching up and recycling tree limbs; with this replanting service, we now also replenish the many benefits of trees, such as producing oxygen, removing dangerous chemicals from the air, providing aesthetically beautiful landscaping, and best of all: giving kids something to climb and swing from!
Please remember Tree Work Now for all your Orlando tree service needs.

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Feb 24 2010

Firewood still in great demand among Orlando tree services

One of the advantages of hiring Tree Work Now for your Orlando tree removal needs is that we will gladly cut and stack for you a pile of firewood, which is in high demand as our unusually long cold snaps continue. Tree trimming Orlando customers will be wise to learn about different species before burning wood as the smoke of some trees are poisonous and others smolder more than burn. Oak is by far the best, most common firewood tree in Florida. As most Orlando tree service customers know, it is best to use wood as firewood after be cured (no longer green) and stored in a dry place for ease of use. Feel free to email us for more information regarding various types of wood and their comparative usefulness for firewood and other purposes. We’ll trust you’ll call on Tree Work Now for all your tree removal Orlando needs.

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Feb 23 2010

Orlando tree trimming company is guest lecturer at Stetson University

What does an Orlando tree service and a social entrepreneurship class at Stetson University have in common? Tree Work Now owner Evan Keller has from the start of his Orlando tree service used some of the tree removal proceeds to serve the poor in Florida and Haiti, and has started a separate non-profit organization entitled Entrust ( in order to connect Orlando area business people as mentors and trainers of developing world micro-entrepreneurs. So his lecture to these college students detailed his experience in business and how he has leveraged his tree trimming Orlando company to benefit the poor. It was well received, as were his wife’s cookies (left over from a trade show which promoted the tree removal Orlando business) and social entrepreneurship books he brought as suggested further reading. Evan enjoyed it as well, especially given his long-time love of college students through his involvement with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a campus ministry of which he is the Florida Director. Tree Work Now seeks to take good care of its customers and employees, grow the company and serve the poor, and recommends such initiatives as good business practices for others to undertake.

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Feb 20 2010

Orlando tree service attends property management seminar

Tree Work Now manned a booth at a trade show today for property managers across Central Florida. We brought our 5 foot chain saw and 300 home made (dark chocolate with white chocolate chip) cookies (from owner Evan Keller’s wife Karen)! Orlando tree trimming customers who manage common area trees were present to learn about services from various vendors, including tree trimming Orlando companies. To promote our Orlando tree removal services, we had a raffle and gave away two gift baskets. We made some contacts which will hopefully lead to us providing our award winning Orlando tree service to property management companies throughout Central Florida, particularly in Seminole County.

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Feb 19 2010

Tree Service Orlando: adding certified arborists to Tree Work Now

Orlando tree service Tree Work Now will soon have two additional arborists in addition to the one who consults for us. Our estimators will be taking the arborist certification exam through ISA in order to offer our Orlando tree trimming customers even more expertise regarding disease and insect damage as well as structural concerns. Tom Griffith, our consulting arborist is ISA certified already and our crews have an immense amount of tree removal Orlando experience and already do their tree trimming according to arborist standards. We will offer these additional certified arborists to demonstrate to our tree service Orlando customers our ongoing commitment to quality, professionalism, and tree care education.

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Feb 18 2010

Credit card payments for Orlando tree service

A recent Orlando tree service job paid to us by credit card was for $3000 worth of tree trimming. Unfortunately, because of the high fees that credit card companies charge, we only received $2908 in a bank wire several days later. Its convenient for tree service Orlando customers to use their credit cards and most do so because of various reward programs that visa and mastercard offer them. Unfortunately, it delays payment for their Orlando tree removal and takes ungodly amount of the cost of the job right off the top, usually between 2-5%. Of course, we would rather receive a credit card payment than no payment at all! So we discourage our tree removal Orlando customers from paying with their credit card, but if that’s their only option, we accept them. Often a tree will fall unexpectedly on an Orlando home and homeowners don’t always have enough cash on hand to have the tree safely removed and fix their roof as well. Of course, most Orlando tree trimming is not budgeted for at all so ends up getting put off for too long, often until its too late. As with most things, preventative care of their trees will save Orlando homeowners in the long run.

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Feb 15 2010

Orlando tree service benefits micro-entrepreneurs in Haiti

Tree Work Now is developing more contacts with business mentoring groups in Haiti, particularly with a group called Partners Worldwide. We’ve already donated toward their work in Haiti from our Orlando tree service proceeds. They have several large businesses they provide mentoring for, and these larger businesses have a micro-business incubator program for those trying to start businesses to break free from poverty. We are happy to use some of our tree removal Orlando profits to fight poverty in this earthquake disaster zone. Orlando tree trimming services at your disposal can help do more good than beautify your landscape. Thanks for choosing Tree Work Now for your tree service Orlando needs.

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Feb 13 2010

Orlando tree service websites vie for customers, ethically or not! displays several orlando area tree trimming companies and promises to connect consumers with three quality tree service companies, giving Orlando homeowners competitive quotes from top notch contractors. Sounds like a great value-added service, does it not? But, the unethical nature of their website comes with the realization that the Orlando tree removal contractor that is featured at the top of the page is owned by the same family that owns the website! Not only is this company ( featured first, its glorious qualities are featured in a large area with all the other companies in small, harder to read boxes. It clearly aggrandizes its own company; why would customers choose anyone else? The site makes it look as if they are objective third party customer advocates, helping Orlando homeowners find the best tree services without any bias. This unethical practice has been reported and will hopefully be shut down by the FCC. Strange as it may seem, the company does not actually do regular business in the Orlando area. Based in Georgia, they confuse customers in many markets which they do not actually serve. They presumably charge the other tree services to be listed on their site, or at least to receive leads, and if the job is big enough, perhaps they’d leave Georgia to complete the work. More likely, however, they land the jobs, skim off the profit, and sub out the work to other low-quality tree services in the area with little or no accountability. What a shame! Remember to check out any tree trimming Orlando company you get an estimate from to make sure they are indeed local, that they have both liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage, that they are a drug-free workplace, have references that boost your confidence, have the proper experience and equipment to complete the job thoroughly and without damage to your property. Tree Work Now is ready to serve all your tree service Orlando needs.

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Feb 12 2010

Dormant season tree trimming recommended for Orlando trees

Tree Service Orlando is a great project to undertake while some trees are dormant during Winter cold snaps such as we are currently experiencing across Central Florida. Our Orlando tree trimming services are best undertaken before the vigorous spring growing season begins, allowing branches to heal and promote new growth in structurally sound branches. Proper Orlando tree pruning trains trees to grow in proper ways that conform to the customary habit of Orlando native trees while lifting canopies from the roof and walkways. We look forward to serving all your tree removal needs in the Orlando area.

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