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Jan 30 2010

Economic Downturn Forces many Orlando tree services out of business

While some economic indicators are pointing toward a resurgence of our economy (including recent rise in GDP), ask newly defunct Orlando tree service companies if they think the economy is on the rebound. Of course, many lead indicators point to a recovery long before the average Orlando business owner or homeowner feels it personally. Many competitors have gone out of the Orlando tree trimming business, which some expect me to be happy about. Yes, its good when low quality “companies” yield their customers to those with the proper training, equipment, insurance, expertise and professionalism, but even the companies that remain are forced to lower their tree removal Orlando prices below what can sustain their company for the long term – a strategy which pays some of the bills today, but ultimately hurts both Orlando tree services and their customers. In addition, it puts many Orlando homeowners in the position of considering undertaking the dangerous work of tree removal and tree trimming Orlando themselves. These would-be do-it-yourselfers often injure themselves and damage their property. While all dangers in themselves, these hazards make a deadly combination: heights, flesh-cutting chainsaws, and the extreme weight of wood. We advise that homeowners in Orlando hire one of the remaining professional tree services in order to safely preserve the health, safety and beauty of their trees. And we wish our worthy competitors the best in these difficult times.

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Jan 26 2010

501(c)3 Status Granted to Charity Started by Tree Work Now, an Orlando Tree Service

Entrust Microenterprise Development, Inc has completed the long IRS process of becoming an official non-profit organization. Its 501C3 application has been approved. Tree Work Now owner Evan Keller is the founder of this charity to benefit Haiti and Latin America. After four development/mission trips to Haiti in the last three years, this Orlando tree service owner wanted to make more of a lasting difference and through Entrust hopes to mobilize fellow business owners to invest their expertise into training and mentoring microentrepreneurs as they break free from chronic poverty. Tree Work Now directs some of its proceeds from tree removal Orlando services to fund this non-profit business development organization. Dani Keller, General Manager of this Orlando tree trimming company has also been to Haiti pre-quake and hopes to be of service in its rebuilding as well.

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Jan 23 2010

Owner of an Orlando tree service offers internet marketing seminar to fellow Rotarians

Orlando tree service owner offers free google marketing seminar to fellow Rotarians. Tree Work Now owner Evan Keller shared his experience with 16 others involved in business, mostly business owners involved in real estate, banking, lawn care, tennis training, pest control, pool installation and marketing. With three years of steady effort towards increased web presence, Tree Work Now has obtained significant visibility on the search engines for its tree removal Orlando business. Tree trimming Orlando is something that is searched for online more than ever before and internet marketing has been shown to be more cost effective than most print advertising. Orlando tree removal services searches give prominent place to Tree Work Now through these efforts as well as our established position as a commercial and residential provider of Orlando tree trimming services. The attendees warmly received the training and were eager to put Evan’s search engine optimization keys into practice so that their businesses could gain more leads from the internet.

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Jan 18 2010

Tree service enters the radar screen as Orlando thaws

Tree Service Orlando picks up as Central Florida thaws out! After the longest cold spell in a decade, Orlando residents have re-emerged from their homes and notice they have a yard again. Look, I have plants and trees that need care, those limbs growing over the roof may need Orlando tree trimming services to improve their safety, health and beauty. And that tree is dying or is too close to the house and definitely needs the Orlando tree removal services of Tree Work Now. Our tree trimming business has begun to pick up, but many Orlando homeowners are still paying for Christmas and will wait for a tax return before calling us. If you are an Orlando homeowner in a position to hire tree service Orlando, now is the time to save money before busy season hits (Spring/Summer) when Orlando tree service companies will return to their standard rates.

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Jan 15 2010

Commercial companies increasingly turn to Tree Work Now for their Orlando tree service needs

Tree Work Now, our Orlando tree service has increased dramatically in its commercial market share in recent years. We are now the exclusive providers of tree trimming Orlando and tree removal Orlando to Orlando Regional Medical Center. We also service many Orlando area McDonald’s restaurants, several property managers, apartment complexes, etc. We recently did an Orlando tree service job for the Dept of Transportation and in late 2009 performed a large tree removal job for the Forestry Service (removal of invasive camphor trees in the Ocala Ntl Forest). We’ve also done work for a railroad company. Several insurance companies use us to remove trees which have fallen on their customers’ homes in the Orlando area. Growth of our commercial accounts shows that our company has demonstrated reliability and quality that these companies value in their tree service Orlando contractors. We’ve also done work for Granite Construction and a number of smaller construction companies. Please consider Tree Work Now for your next commercial tree trimming or removal project in Orlando.

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Jan 14 2010

Orlando Tree Service offering google marketing seminar

Tree Work Now owner, Evan Keller, is offering a google marketing seminar to fellow business owners. In the process of capturing market share for our Orlando tree service, Tree Work Now has learned the ropes of an effective search engine marketing presence. Evan is involved as a member of the Rotary club and is offering this hourlong seminar to some of those colleagues as well as to various vendors. Tree trimming Orlando and tree removal Orlando is a very competitive market, and it is imperative to be visible to customers where they look for tree service Orlando contractors. And as we all know, the internet is the leading source people now turn to when preparing to make a purchase or hire a contractor.

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Jan 13 2010

Orlando tree service profits to benefit Haiti earthquake victims

Tree Work Now pledges to donate 10% of its Orland tree service profits over the next two months to benefit Haitian earthquake victims. We have not yet been able to reach friends of ours who live near Port-Au-Prince to discover whether they are alive and well or not. Company Owner Evan Keller has made 5 trips to Haiti in the past three years to work on development and mission projects and our Orlando tree service General Manager Dani Keller has been to Haiti three times. Our hearts are broken by this devastation by a country which is perhaps least able to respond and recover from it. From the beginning, its been our aim to use some of the proceeds of our tree removal Orlando services to benefit the chronically poor. We’ll continue in the wake of this disaster to leverage funding from Orlando tree trimming services to do as much good as we can. Please join us in praying for Haiti.

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Jan 11 2010

Freezing Weather encourages cold-hardy species plantings by Orlando tree service customers

Tree Work Now, our Orlando tree service witnesses many Central Florida residents often plant shrubs and trees which do not thrive in freezing weather which hits our part of the state two or three times a year. Local DeBary Nursery owner, Beverly, told Tree Work Now owner that many customers are not patient to let plants recover from a freeze, but promptly yank them out! Well, perhaps Orlando customers will replant with species more appropriate to our zone. And since trees take a much longer period to become well-established, now is a good time to plant trees before the scorching Orlando summer comes roaring our way, seemingly in March! Seriously, getting a quicker start will prevent you from calling us for tree removal Orlando services within a year of planting. Tree Work Now has expanded its Orlando tree removal and tree trimming services to include tree planting as well. So, if you want a magnolia or live oak or other native species as replacements after hiring our tree removal Orlando services, please let us know.

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Jan 09 2010

Orlando tree service owner attends Business as Mission Convention

Tree Work Now is committed to making a difference in the Orlando community and beyond. Not only do we endeavor to provide industry leading tree trimming Orlando and tree removal Orlando, but we use some of our profits to support business development services for the chronically poor in developing nations. Our Orlando tree service is owned by Evan Keller who has lauched a non-profit organization entitled “Entrust” which is beginning to connect American business people with micro-entrepreneurs who need training and mentoring. During tree service Orlando’s slow winter season, our tree trimming and removal service owner journeyed to even colder St. Louis Missouri to serve at a missions convention for 15,000 college students. Evan worked in the Business as Mission track, helping MBA students and others see how their God-given talents in business can be used to serve God’s purposes of bringing healing and hope to the world. So, when you hire Tree Work Now to do your tree removal and tree trimming in the Orlando area, you are contributing to the empowerment of the poor in Haiti and Latin America.

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Jan 08 2010

Security a big concern for Orlando tree service Tree Work Now

Petty thievery and vandalism of employee vehicles has been a concern of late for our Orlando tree service at a new mobilization location. Tree trimming Orlando is a difficult business in many respects without the added nuisance and expense of high security locks, cameras, lighting and fencing. As these improvements are still being made to this launching location for our Orlando tree removal service, some thieves has done some minor damage despite the patrolling of our friends in the Sheriff’s Dept. Many desperate and unemployed people seem interested in our tree trimming Orlando equipment for pawning. In any case, there’s always another challenge as we try to both be profitable as an Orlando tree service and provide superior tree removal and tree trimming services to our Orlando area customers.

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