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Dec 21 2009

Orlando tree service registering its Tree Work Now trucks

It seems like the state of Florida is trying to put Orlando tree services out of business, along with other industries using large trucks. Many tree service Orlando companies are having a difficult time keeping their equipment on the road. In order to conduct Orlando tree removal operations, not only must the tree trimming Orlando equipment be purchased, insured, operated, maintained and fueled, but now they must be registered at roughly twice the cost as last year. In registering a mere five tree service trucks today, Tree Work Now spent $1700. While that’s an ouch to our Orlando tree service, many of our competitors have not been able to register all of their equipment and thus are restricted in their tree trimming Orlando capabilities. This is just another example of the government roadblocking those trying to survive and provide jobs to their citizens.

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Dec 19 2009

Orlando tree service, Tree Work Now appoints general manager

Dani Keller, long-time employee of Tree Work Now becomes General Manager of this industry-leading Orlando tree service. Having learned every aspect of the Orlando tree trimming business except for marketing and admin, Dani is well-suited to take on the further responsibility of directing the operational side of the business. After serving as an excellent tree removal Orlando salesman, tree climber, and crew chief, Dani will do an excellent job as general manager. He will work with owner (and brother) Evan Keller on major decisions and be the point person with salesmen, administrative help, crew chiefs, crews, subcontractors, mechanics, and job applicants. Tree Work Now is confident that its Orlando tree removal and trimming operations will grow in efficiency and profitability under his leadership. Dani assumes this role beginning January 1, 2010. Tree service Orlando customers can be confident in continuing to receive professional grade tree trimming services from Tree Work Now in Orlando.

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Dec 18 2009

Tree Work Now in Christmas Parade

The annual Christmas parade was a great event for our Orlando tree service. With a remote control stump grinder confounding the crowds and tree trimmers hanging in their harnesses from the sides of the truck, the DeLand Christmas parade was a blast. ALternating between the baby horn and deafening air horn, our semi truck kept the crowds entertained. Tree removal Orlando is conducted using our Bobcat T300 which was twirling in circles at the parade, all decked in balloons and lights. Tree service Orlando customers can get a great deal this time of year from Orlando tree service companies as most Orlando homeowners are focused on putting presents under the tree and doing their holiday travel. We wish all of our Orlando tree trimming customers a very Merry Christmas!

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Dec 15 2009

Tree Work Now joins Florida Barter club in Orlando

What do Orlando tree service and a barter club have in common? Lots as it turns out. Tree Work Now, our Orlando tree trimming service has done quite a bit of work for Florida Barter members lately, folks who pay for their Orlando tree removal partially with barter dollars in combination with US dollars. Its allowed us to get some needed goods and services as well, including getting some benefits to our tree trimming Orlando employees, including pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas trees (for Christmas, of course!). Tree service Orlando is slowest in the winter, so the new source of jobs is nice since Tree Work Now joined the club this year, but barter dollars don’t pay the payroll, either. Orlando tree service is a high overhead endeavor, making bartering difficult, but Tree Work Now is finding a way to make it work within their system. We look forward to serving you in your next tree removal Orlando project.

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Dec 14 2009

Price Wars in Orlando Tree Service industry

Tree Work Now, Orlando’s leading tree service, is faced with a conundrum along with all other tree removal Orlando companies. On one hand, prices must come down to current market levels, yet Orlando tree trimming companies must hold a reasonable level of pricing in order to sustain a long-term company. With Orlando homeowners facing such serious economic constraints, we don’t blame them for making price their prime concern. However, many tree trimming customers do not realize how much more they may pay in repairs and headaches when hiring the cut throat fly-by-nighters just seeking to make it through the week. Prices for Orlando tree service have been cut by more than 50% in the last two years, driving many companies out of business, and moving others to cut dangerous corners that could be detrimental to Orlando homeowners. Companies which are still paying out to keep their insurances, registrations, licenses current cannot always match the lowest of prices. But paying out to keep equipment running safely and pay a living wage to their employees is good for all involved. You can bet that cut-throat pricing doesn’t cover any property damages either, so there are more hit-and-run situations when something goes wrong on the Orlando tree trimming jobsite. So choose carefully when hiring a tree service in Orlando.

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Dec 12 2009

Expanded Storage and Security for Tree Work Now, Orlando’s leading tree service

Increasing the security and storage space is important for our Orlando tree service. Tree Work Now has secured extra space for its growing tree trimming Orlando operations. A larger yard along I-4 to store equipment has made our tree removal Orlando operations more efficient and our new 20 foot railcar storage container increases security against petty thieves. We purchased it from one of our commercial customers as we seek to help our tree service Orlando customers as much as possible in these difficult economic times.

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