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Nov 24 2009

Tree Work Now secures new mobilization location for its Orlando tree service

A spot closer to i-4 will allow Tree Work Now to mobilize quicker to its Orlando tree service customers. Instead of 20 minutes from the highway, our launching point for our crews is now only 1.5 miles from the nearest on-ramp. This will increase our operating efficiency and allow us to be even more competitive in our pricing for Orlando tree removal and tree trimming customers.

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Nov 21 2009

Orlando tree service hires new lead mechanic

Tree Work Now, our Orlando tree service has hired a new lead mechanic to keep our fleet running. While conducting Orlando tree trimming and tree removal, our lineup of trucks, loaders, dump trailers and wood chippers sees constant use during most daylight hours. The heavy wear and tear is compounded by the weight of the wood and wood chips we handle for our tree removal Orlando customers. We have found that Jimmy Adkins is the centrally located mechanic with the right experience and expertise to keep our fleet in top shape. Not only does downtime squelch an Orlando tree service’s productivity, it also leaves broken equipment and a mess on Orlando homeowner’s property. Welcome aboard Jimmy!

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Nov 13 2009

A day in the life of an Orlando tree service company owner

The day’s not over and its been a moderately stressful one in regards to running Tree Work Now’s Orlando tree removal and tree trimming operation. The biggest stress has been the downtime and expense of one of our rigs breaking down on OBT, one of Orlando’s busiest roads! Getting a huge dump truck and chipper towed is quite an ordeal, not to mention the time and expense involved in its repair. A second crew of ours had to do double duty in order for us to keep our promises to the best tree service customers in Orlando! Other tasks for the day included doing estimates in two far reaches of Volusia county, and meeting with landowners interested in leasing their property for our Orlando tree service equipment storage. Top it off with training a new administrative assistant, running errands, fueling up, launching the crew, paying the crew, answering the phone, meeting with a customer at a job site, and a few other details related to Orlando tree trimming that I’ve already forgotten. My crew chiefs, mechanic, and general manager, and crews have had equally hectic days and this isn’t even the busy season for tree trimming in Orlando.And, of course, the day is not over yet!

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Nov 12 2009

Orlando tree service blog readership

I’d like to hear from you if you read this blog on Orlando tree removal and tree trimming services. Please drop me a line at: and let me know what aspects of Orlando tree service you are most interested in learning more about. Thank you and let us know if you’d like a free estimate on tree trimming or tree removal as you beautify your landscape for the holidays.

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Nov 11 2009

Orlando tree services go without a hurricane in 2009

Hurricane Ida, as warped as it may seem, held out one last hope to tree services in Orlando and beyond. What is a disaster for some is a source of income in a difficult economy right before the winter slow season. Without its extraordinary customer care, Tree Work Now would not have such a strong customer base of Orlando tree removal customers, and would be in as difficult a financial position as many other Orlando tree services, many of which have gone out of business with the recession. Tree Work Now feels the pinch, no doubt, and with its growing customer base hopes to provide full time work to its tree trimming crews throughout the winter. 2009 has brought many promising new accounts, including Orlando Regional Medical Center and McDonald’s Restaurants. We invite you to request a free tree assessment from Orlando’s leading tree service in this time of year in which the best tree service deals are available.

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Nov 10 2009

Non-profit work done by an Orlando Tree Service

Entrust Microenterprise Development Inc is a non-profit organization being launched by Tree Work Now company owner Evan Keller. Many of our Orlando tree service customers have expressed that they are glad to hear that their Orlando tree trimming dollars are helping to support development work in Haiti and Latin America. Entrust’s mission is to “train and mentor microentrepreneurs as they break free from chronic poverty”. This business development services organization will help budding entrepreneurs in developing nations to launch and grow successful businesses in order to better themselves and their communities. Entrust has recently launched its website (, had its first board meeting, and submitted its 501(c)3 paperwork to the IRS. It has identified its five core values and will be working on launching pilot projects in Haiti and Peru. Stay tuned! So when you need tree removal in Orlando, you can do some good while having your tree service completed.

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Nov 09 2009

Hurricane Ida Missing Florida Mainland; Orlando Tree Services Decide Whether to Mobilize to Panhandle

Tree Work Now, Orlando’s leading tree service has decided not to chase hurricane Ida. Thankfully, regarding potential loss of human life, the trajectory of hurricane Ida has it heading toward less inhabited areas. We have our customers in Orlando to care for, and most blown over or otherwise damaged trees will likely be on uninhabited property. Other tree services may find it feasible to go on the road and serve the hardest hit communities, but unfortunately it will be the most desperate fly-by-nighters who will be knocking on storm victims doors. I surely hope those in need of tree trimming and tree removal require proof of insurance and do not give up front deposits. Our tree trimming and tree removal customers in Orlando sure dodged the bullet this year! Those Orlando tree service customers who did the preventative maintenance still gained peace of mind and a smaller bill the next time their trees are in need of trimming. Of course, their trees are healthier as well by being trimmed regularly according to arborist standards.

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Nov 05 2009

Angela Karum Hired to Oversee Administrative Duties for our Orlando Tree Service

Tree Work Now is growing and needs more administrative help to care for our growing base of Orlando tree service customers. Angela Karum was hired yesterday by company owner Evan Keller to be a customer relations specialist, following up with our Orlando tree removal customers to ensure our crews are offering the highest level of professionalism and thoroughness. She’ll be keeping in touch with our Orlando tree trimming customers to make sure their trees are maintained for health, safety and beauty. Angela will also assist in a variety of administrative roles that will help our tree service Orlando area. We welcome Angela aboard and trust that her attention to detail and her people skills will assist Tree Work Now in reaching its top company goal of raising the industry standard that Orlando homeowners come to expect from Central Florida tree services.

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