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Oct 31 2009

Winter is a great time to hire an Orlando tree service

Not just a great time – the best time! Why? To continue my last post, let me point out that some trees are best trimmed during while dormant. These deciduous trees lose their leaves in winter, exposing the habit of the tree for more precise structural pruning.

Another factor that most folks overlook is that in Florida, a good bit of Holiday family time is spent outside. Proper Orlando tree trimming and tree removal can really dress up your landscape for the holidays. With canopies raised for better vista clearance, your relatives and their cars can get under your trees without mishap. Your Christmas lawn decor can draw attention to ill-cared for trees if you neglect them. And then there’s the tree safety factor. With your family members hanging decorations and spending time beneath trees, you’ll want to make sure dangerous hanging or dying branches are first removed. And of course, as I mentioned in my last post, the cost of tree service Orlando is down during the winter slow season. What more reason do you need to call Tree Work Now today for your Orlando tree removal and tree trimming needs?

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Oct 30 2009

Orlando tree service in the winter

Winter is the last time of year that Orlando homeowners consider trimming their trees. With a sigh of relief that hurricane season is over without a major threat, Orlando residents turn their attention from tree care to prep for the holidays. Then when the winter (brief as it is here!) sets in, Central Floridians retreat into their homes and forget they have a landscape until Spring arrives! With the expense of Christmas and the rush of the holiday season, who can blame them? What they overlook, however, is that doing business with an industry during its slow season has particular merits. Orlando tree removal can be up to 15% less expensive when tree trimming crews are scrambling to stay busy. Its not that Orlando tree services gouge folks in the summer; rather its the natural flow of supply and demand that dictates market prices. So, please call Tree Work Now to schedule your tree work during the slower months of November through January. We look forward to serving you with our professional grade equipment and expertise. Thank you.

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Oct 28 2009

Orlando tree service secures SBA loan

After months of jumping through governmental hoops which include getting a life insurance policy on our company owner to guarantee the government is repaid, disbursement of Tree Work Now’s first SBA loan has been made. This will allow our leading Orlando tree service to devote more resources to bring our top-rated tree service to more Orlando customers. Increased cash flow allows us to market our Orlando tree removal and tree trimming services to more Orlando residents in need of tree work at a higher level of professionalism than they’ve put up with to date.

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