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Aug 31 2009

November of Year Three: Continued History of Tree Work Now, our Orlando Tree Service

Tom moved back to New York, but he paved the way for the multiple tree trimming salesmen we have now in the Orlando area. He was our first full time salesmen aside from company owner Evan Keller. His customer service touch and knack for identifying commercial networks paved the way for our more developed market, which now includes all of Central Florida, with concentration in Orange, Seminole, Lake and Volusia Counties. Our Orlando tree service aims to raise the industry standard, which sadly can be done with little more than having a representative answer your call and an estimator come when he promises! Tree removal Orlando is a rough industry and we believe you deserve better. Be assured that when your trees need trimming in Orlando, we’ll be ready to serve with with our professional grade expertise and equipment.

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Aug 29 2009

Continuing History of Tree Work Now, a Leading Orlando Tree Service

In November of our third year, we made a vast improvement in our vehicle signage for our tree trimming Orlando and tree removal Orlando promotion. We put eight 4×8 foot signs on the sides of our dump trucks and trailers. We do get quite a few calls for Orlando tree trimming and removal from the signage on our trucks and equipment. These signs have helped our branding efforts, as our crew photo (men in hardhats holding a huge chain saw with a five foot bar) has become recognizeable in the Orlando area, along with our Tree Work Now logo. Tree service Orlando received a sharper image that month, part of Tree Work Now’s ongoing efforts to raise the industry standard. Sharp image represents the attention to detail, quality and thoroughness we strive to deliver to Orlando homeowners as we conduct tree removal, tree trimming and storm clean up for them.

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Aug 28 2009

Improved Marketing Materials for Tree Work Now; Continuing History of our Orlando Tree Service. October of our third year.

In October of our third year in business, Tree Work Now launched new and improved marketing materials to promote our tree trimming and tree removal service in Orlando. These materials included direct mail postcards, full color cards sent to repeat tree service customers in Orlando. We’ve found these cards, sent economically by MBI, are a fair method of lead generation for our Orlando tree service. We also began employing door knockers, with less success, to attract more tree trimming customers. Some find the practice more of a nuisance than a service. Our best marketing improvement that month was a 6 page tabbed brochure designed to be given out with a clipboard to would-be customers. This brochure pictured our crew and equipment, and contains insurance certs and customer testimonials. It has served to emphasize our quality and professionalism to Orlando tree removal customers.

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Aug 27 2009

Tropical Storm Danny Keeps Orlando Homeowners Tuned in to their tree trimming needs

Tropical Storm Danny will likely turn into a hurricane but not make landfall. Orlando homeowners vividly recall the storm damage done by a line of hurricanes that did make landfall in 2004. Little reminders like Danny serve to spur them to fuller preparedness, including safeguarding their biggest asset, their home. You may have seen Tree Work Now being interviewed on News Channel 13, helping Orlando homeowners become more aware of specific tree hazards, including low limbs over homes, dead or rotting limbs. These should all be trimmed according to arborist standards. Alternatively, some trees need to be removed, especially those which have a hard lean toward your home, and trees with structurally problems. The type of species is very important in the decision of whether to trim or remove, given that some species are much more wind resistant than others and have strong root systems. We wish you a safe hurricane season and trust you’ll call Tree Work Now to help you with your tree trimming and tree removal needs in Orlando. THank you.

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Aug 26 2009

SBA Loan Approved for Tree Work Now, Orlando’s Leading Tree Service

After months of jumping through hoops (you know the government!), our Orlando tree service has secured a Small Business Administration loan! These are notoriously hard to get, and you nearly have to sell your soul to get one. I’m speaking figuratively, of course. The volume of paperwork is amazing. The craziest item is having to get an additional life insurance policy so if I die and my tree trimming company goes under, Uncle Sam isn’t left hanging! Of course, that takes an additional delay, not too mention blood tests, etc. The process began I believe back in May. And even though approval has been granted, the closing has not happened and may drag into September. The loan has a low rate and long term, allowing me to manage debt more comfortably, freeing up cash flow for our tree removal Orlando and tree trimming Orlando operations. It will be particularly helpful if it comes through soon as we prepare for potential out of state storm work. Never fear, Orlando residents, we’ll always leave adequate crews home to take care of your Orlando tree service needs in the event that we take crews out of state to trim hurricane damaged trees and remove trees which may fall in the storms.

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Aug 24 2009

New Mechanic Starts today for Tree Work Now, a leading Orlando tree service

With a background as a Ford diesel mechanic, Kenny White is a welcome addition to our team of tree trimming crews in Orlando. Tree Work Now employs a second maintenance worker, Forrest Lasater, who maintains our saws and keeps our maintenance log current on our chippers, keeps an eye on tires, breakaway cables and other safety issues, but he is often too busy doing tree removal with our crews in Orlando to stay current on our fleet maintenance. Kenny will step in and offer dedicated attention to our mechanics at a professional level, given his 10 years of mechanical experience. In order to keep our promises to Orlando tree trimming customers, Kenny will repair equipment on jobsites as needed. More importantly, he’ll help prevent breakdowns by staying ahead of the maintenance curve. Charlie Zook will still do off-site repair work when Kenny needs backup. Having this team of three watching over our equipment is part of our ongoing effort to provide the best possible service to our Orlando tree removal customers and part of our goal to be the preferred Orlando tree service.

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Aug 22 2009

Tree Work Now goes fishing!

Our Orlando tree service, Tree Work Now, takes a Saturday off to hit the ocean for some deep sea fishing. Our crews went about the Critter Fleet for a day of fishing and card playing (and sea sickness for some!). It was a horrid day for fishing, perhaps because of swells caused by distant hurricane Bill. Taking a break from tree trimming Orlando and tree removal Orlando was good for us all as the approaching storms have accelerated our already busy schedule. As Orlando homeowners continue to hire tree service as they prep for future storms, we’re ready to go back to work. Not the best day for fishing, especially compared to the dozens we caught last time. But nonetheless, it was a good day of team building, necessary to nurturing the trust needed as we conduct dangerous tree trimming and tree removal together in Orlando.

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Aug 21 2009

Dodging hurricanes: Ana and Bill skirt Florida and save Orlando the need for emergency tree service

Hurricane Bill looks to skirt Florida, and indeed the entire continent, if weather predictions from our meteorologists hold true. Orlando homeowners should not breath the big sigh of relief yet, given how unpredictable past hurricanes have proven to be. Homeowners should proceed with the necessary preventative tree trimming and tree removal to safeguard their homes, especially since the peak of hurricane season has just begun. Tree trimming Orlando services are provided by Tree Work Now after a free storm-readiness assessment. Orlando tree removal is recommended less often (as we try to save trees), but is necessary when the tree has grown too close to the house, is a non-native, invasive species, is leaning towards the home, is dying or has a rotten trunk.

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Aug 20 2009

Gearing up for Hurricane related tree trimming and tree removal

Our Orlando tree service, Tree Work Now, continues to gear up for in-state or out-of-state storm clean up. We are locating generators, buying travel trailers, servicing our trucks and bobcats, assembling crews and gear. As we did in our recent News Channel 13 interview, we encourage Orlando homeowners to continue preparing their properties, including removing dangerous (leaners, dying, hollow) trees and trimming branches hanging low over roofs. Since the 2004 hurricane season, we’ve been fortunate not to have sustained high winds in much of Central Florida. Hopefully, this hasn’t lulled us into complacency. I understand, especially in this economy, that there are other priorities vying for the same scarce resources, but ignoring your tree problems won’t make them go away! Living trees keep growing and dead trees keep rotting, and both become more and more threatening the longer they are ignored. We recommend having your trees inspected for safety, health and beauty every six months. We’d be glad to offer that service to our Orlando tree customers at no charge. Thank you for helping us raise the industry standard.

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Aug 19 2009

Continued Storm Prep for potential road trip of our Orlando tree service, Tree Work Now

We made further progress today in prep for sending our storm crew to do tree trimming and tree removal outside of the Orlando area, should a hurricane strike elsewhere in Florida or beyond. We’ve serviced our trucks and machinery, and purchased a travel trailer to house our crew. At the same time, we’re working daily in both Volusia and Seminole Counties as homeowners are motivated to prepare their property for hurricane peak months of August through October. We’ve mostly been trimming trees from over roofs in the Orlando area and removing dangerous trees. We trust that you’ll contact our Orlando tree service to give you a free storm-readiness appraisal.

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