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Jul 31 2009

Tree Work Now: History of our Orlando tree service continues

Tree trimming Orlando cannot be done properly without the right equipment. In September of our third year in business, we finally retired our last dinosaur truck! The 1992 blue Ford F250 bought from a Jacksonville horse lover had worked hard for us, pulling many a load of tree removal Orlando debris piles. Tree service Orlando causes many vehicles to get stuck and cause damage to customer yards; that’s why we always use four wheel drive vehicles, which this hard working truck was. Except for some faded paint and a musty interior, she even looked good! But not in comparison to her replacement! Tree removal Orlando got a little easier for us with this dually (safer for hauling heavy loads), which was a 1999 and was spotless. My employee drove it home from Pennsylvania when after I bought it sight unseen from Pennsylvania on ebay. In any case, when our competitors show up in banged up vehicles, it shows that perhaps they will treat your property as carelessly as they’ve treated their own. We wish you the best in choosing a tree trimming and tree removal service in Orlando.

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Jul 29 2009

Orlando tree service employees looking for work from Tree Work Now

Its amazing how many job seekers we get daily! Orlando tree trimmers and Orlando tree removal experts are calling us daily looking for work. Its sad that the industry is suffering so much, like most these days. Fortunately for us, we have plenty of work given our excellent reputation, and many quality workers want to work for us. Orlando tree service is finding its industry standard being raised as Tree Work Now continues to build on its successes.

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Jul 28 2009

Orlando tree service Tree Work Now analyzes its marketing

Deciding on lead generation sources for tree removal Orlando and tree trimming Orlando is a web of difficult decisions. I can’t disclose all my secrets, but its safe to say that what brings us the most tree service business in Orlando is building relationships of trust with our clients over time. When they refer their friends to our Orlando tree trimming and Orlando tree removal services, we know they are supremely pleased. Repeat business from satisfied clients is our top source of ongoing work. Not only does that help our tree trimming service survive in a difficult economy, it also is gratifying that we’re attaining our goal of raising the industry standard. The norm is to hear a litany of horror stories about the Orlando tree services they’ve previously used. Good old fashioned professionalism, customer service, and going the extra mile is helping us further develop our strong company.

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Jul 27 2009

Experience of our Orlando tree service crew chiefs at Tree Work Now

Our Orlando tree service is blessed with amazingly high skilled crews. Not only have we trained some quality Orlando tree trimmers from within, we’ve employed some very talented Orlando tree removal specialists from companies which have not been able to weather the difficult economy. Let me highlight two of our crew chiefs: Terry Doolittle and Robert Bezdek. Terry has twelve years of experience climbing and running crews in Orlando. He is one of the best and fastest climbers in Orlando, trimming trees in the fraction of time of others without compromising safety. He is one of the most talented tree service professionals I’ve ever met. Both he and Robert Bezdek have run their own businesses. In fact, Robert owned and operated his own Orlando area tree service for ten years and has another 9 years of experience beyond that in trimming and removing trees. He’s seen it all. He has a great grasp on the big picture, is highly skilled, and is excellent at coordinating a tree crew to clean up customer property quickly and safely. We are fortunate to have quality individuals like this leading our tree removal Orlando crews.

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Jul 21 2009

Orlando tree service owner returns to Haiti to offer business development services

Tree trimming and tree removal in Orlando has been hectic this summer for Tree Work Now, with equipment maintenance headaches keeping the financial pressure on owner Evan Keller. Its a stretch to find the time and finances to return for a four day trip to Haiti beginning tomorrow, but he believes it a worthy cause to invest in. He and two friends will be meeting with a group of would-be microentrepreneurs in Cape Haitian, the touristy hub of Haiti’s north. Although it has nothing to do with tree service, many of the principles of running a successful business do translate into this very different context where chronic societal disfunction reigns. This group of eager young adults (some with college education) are working to develop talapia and vegetable farms on donated land. Evan and his friends will offer some encouragement, consulting, and perhaps a seminar on marketing and innovation. Thankfully, Evan has a great crew leader along with his brother and wife to keep things rolling with the Orlando tree service while he is gone. Tree Work Now believes that what gifts we’ve been given are not just for our own enjoyment, but should be used to serve others as well. That is why Evan has founded Entrust, a non-profit organization focused on providing business development services for micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations.

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Jul 20 2009

Orlando tree trimming stalled by bizarre incident: Continued History of Tree Work Now, our industry leading Orlando tree service

In August of Tree Work Now’s third year of tree removal Orlando, we had a strange, inexplicable happening. It involved the Ford F550 with a 16 foot dump bed. This gas (read: not powerful as diesel), 2 wheel drive (read: a fraction of the effectiveness of a 4×4 in hauling our heavy loads without getting stuck!) vehicle had been an amazing beast of burden, getting our business rolling while doing far more than it was designed to do. It helped us perform countless tree trimming Orlando jobs until we could afford more fitting equipment. Our Orlando tree service is indebted to this little truck with the big dump bed! In any case, that August she was impounded! The sheriff said that there were irregularities with the previous owner’s title. We never quite got to the bottom of it; the best I gather is that there was either some local Georgia (where I bought the truck) power plays going between law enforcement and the truck dealer or the person selling the truck to the truck dealer had an unsatisfied lien on the vehicle. In any case, while they sorted it out, the truck we needed to continue making money for us by hauling our Orlando tree trimmings and logs from tree removals simply sat behind a chain link fence. A month later, they gave it back to us with no explanation. There’s always something to keep Orlando tree service business owners stressed! That faithful F550 has since been retired from service, being replaced by our second semi truck which received the dump bed from the old Ford.

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Jul 17 2009

Orlando tree service history continued: first semi truck purchase

In July of our third year doing Orlando tree service, Tree Work Now was able to purchase its first semi truck for hauling large logs for tree removal Orlando.  This International 4800 was purchased from Minnesota (because it is so rare) and converted from a flatbed to a dump truck so that tree trimmings from Orlando jobs could be chipped into the truck and easily dumped. Its DT466 diesel engine is much better suited to safely remove large, exceptionally heavy logs from Orlando homeowners’ properties after removing dead or dangerous trees for them. Best of all, this International truck is fitted with All Wheel Drive, making it much less likely to get stuck on customer property. Too often this happens when Orlando tree services use trucks not fitted to the purpose, and end up tearing up beautiful lawns. In fact, all of Tree Work Now’s trucks are all wheel drives, part of our commitment to protect customer property and complete Orlando tree removal jobs with maximum safe speed.

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Jul 13 2009

Orlando tree service history of Tree Work Now continued

In June of our third year in the Orlando tree service business, Tree Work Now purchased a larger stump grinder, a Vermeer SC352. This machine allowed our tree removal Orlando and tree trimming Orlando operations to run more smoothly. We had been using a smaller, and thus slower, SC252. Along with an enclosed trailer I bought, Kincaid Fernander usually operated this machine following the three removals. In the long run, however, this machine rolled over on a steep incline and sustained engine damage. I sold it at a loss and went back to subbing our stump grinding out to Clint Comly, a very reliable and reasonably priced stump grinder. Finding someone I could trust to provide prompt quality service to our Orlando tree trimming and removal customers made it easy to make that decision, especially given the high cost of fuel, maintenance, new teeth, trailer wear and tear, insurance and payroll necessary to grind the stumps ourselves. Clint has become a trusted member of the team and a mutually beneficial relationship has developed. This allows us to focus on doing what we do best: providing industry standard raising tree service to Orlando residents who need tree trimming and removal.

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Jul 11 2009

In June of our third year in Orlando tree service business, I contracted with On Target Web Solutions to do search engine optimization for our tree removal Orlando website. In order to attract more Orlando tree trimming customers, the team at On Target helped me improve our site with excellent content, tags, keywords, and submission to search engines. With their help, we’ve steadily grown our tree trimming Orlando presence on the internet, helping us to get low cost marketing to Orlando tree service customers who are increasingly using the internet to find the services they need, such as tree trimming Orlando.

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Jul 09 2009

New Hires at our Orlando tree service help Tree Work Now keep up with demand

We continue to add highly experienced and skilled tree trimmers to our Orlando tree removal crews. Half of our tree workers on our Orlando crews have commercial drivers licenses. 1/4 of them are experienced tree climbers, with the rest having skills in ground work, including operating machinery including bobcats, chipperss, dump trailers which allow us to prune and remove trees with lower impact on your property. Given our strong reputation for quality and professionalism in Orlando tree service has necessitated our growth during this hurricane season.

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