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May 28 2009

Starting up an Orlando Tree Service Amidst a Multitude of Obstacles

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Continuing on with the history of how Tree Work Now began and grew into Orlando’s preferred tree service for tree removal and tree trimming:

The local market was flooded with tree services, including many fly-by-nighters who sprung up after the hurricanes. And many of the local trees had been thinned out by the same storms. I had no equipment, no capital, no business training, no crew, and a separate full-time job demanding my attention. I did have a sense of direction from God, a strong motivation to provide for my wife’s medical needs, an obsessive work ethic, a thrill for applying creativity towards innovation, a knack for marketing, and a failure-is-not-an-option inner drive.

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May 18 2009

Apply for Orlando Tree Service Positions Online at Tree Work Now . com

Tree trimming and tree removal experts in Orlando can now pre-apply for a job online at Tree Work Now .com, Orlando’s preferred tree service. The link for job seekers is as follows:

Both groundsmen and climbers are required to have (or obtain in short order) a class A commercial driver’s license.

On our way to achieving our top company goal of raising the industry standard by which all Orlando area tree services are measured, we require our employees to be drug free, to not have a criminal record, to be clean-cut, and to have exceptional levels of skill and experience. Tree service Orlando customers feel more comfortable with entrusting their property to crews that are screened as closely as ours. Company Owner Evan Keller once went through 36 employees in effort to build one quality crew to conduct tree removal Orlando and tree trimming Orlando.

Only job seekers meeting the highest standards will be considered for employment at this top rated Orlando tree removal company which has consistently increased the quality of its workforce to better serve Orlando homeowners in need of tree pruning.

Tree Work Now hires tree workers from Daytona to Orlando and looks for folks that demonstrate a measure of stability in their lives which contribute to a stable team of workers that customers from Winter Springs and Oviedo to Longwood and Lake Mary are happy to entrust their property to. Tree Work Now .com is flooded with glowing tree service customer testimonials ranging from Ocoee to Windermere, Winter Park to Port Orange, Ormond Beach to Heathrow.

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May 11 2009

An Orlando Tree Service Launches Complimentary Tree Trimming Program for Churches

Is there someone in your Orlando area church in need of free tree trimming or tree removal services? Or is your church willing to allow a Tree Work Now sign to be temporarily placed on their property in exchange for free tree services. Tree Work Now wants to give back to the Orlando community while simultaneously demonstrating why we’re becoming Orlando’s preferred provider of tree trimming and tree removal services. If you have worthy individuals or organizations to nominate for these programs, please contact us through our website:

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May 06 2009

Orlando Tree Service Drug Free Policy

There have been many Orlando tree trimmers with excellent skills whom we’ve refused to hire due to positive pre-employment drug tests. Other Orlando area tree services have expressed surprise as to how Tree Work Now keeps such a highly skilled work force – or any work force at all -  given our zero tolerance drug free program. From my experience, I would venture to guess that 85% of the people doing Orlando tree removal and tree trimming are using illegal substances.

Most of them are exclusively using marijuana and swear to me that it is done only during non-work hours and does not in the least affect their tree trimming performance. So why do I insist on enforcing our policy so strictly? In short, its what’s best for the customer, the employee and my company as well.

Firstly, you as the tree service customer in Orlando deserve tree pruning job performance on your property that is absolutely untainted by substance abuse. Given the dangers inherent in heavy wood, heights, and heavy equipment, it is ludicrous to add another safety hazard into this potent mixture! We at Tree Work Now respect your property and are taking every precaution to preserve its beauty and value. Please see our Property Promise page for more details. Another important drug free consideration is potential theft of items on your property. It is common knowledge that many thefts are drug-related as addicts seek to fuel their expensive cravings. It is amazing to me how many Orlando homeowners automatically entrust their property to the lowest bidder without thought to the quality and character of the crews doing the work. Intoxicated workers are obviously a danger to themselves and co-workers as well which brings on many lawsuits upon homeowners who hire tree services which lack Workers’ Compensation coverage.

Secondly, being drug-free is best for our employees on a number of levels. More of their funds can be used for productive expenditures to benefit their families, there are fewer complications in their relationships, they are better role models, they need not fear being arrested. The list could go on. Drug-free businesses do more to enforce drug laws (as far as usage goes) than law enforcement.

Thirdly, our company is better off. The liability of employing drug users has put many tree services out of business, and we’ve worked too hard for too long building an industry standard-raising company to take such a risk. Another huge factor for us is trust. If a tree trimmer lies about drug use, what else is he lying to us about? When nearly every job site is life threatening, we need to have a high level of trust on the teams who are trimming and removing your trees in Orlando.

So, I recommend that you only hire contractors who have a drug free program and also actually enforce it! Believe it or not, I’m not aware of any other local Orlando tree services who are as vigilant as Tree Work Now in enforcing a drug free workplace.

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May 01 2009

Orlando Tree Service Comparison Chart

Choosing the Orlando tree removal experts that are right for you is a task fraught with peril! Seriously, there are a multitude of factors that are hidden from view to those needing tree trimming in Orlando, especially to those not familiar with the tree service industry. When only comparing prices, homeowners only see part of the picture and often pay far more than they contract for in terms of repairs and headaches. Enter Tree Work Now’s Tree Service Comparison Chart. Our owner, Evan Keller, designed this chart to give tree service Orlando customers an insider’s view of the factors which are most important in selecting a tree service that will offer quality work and treat you fairly with their pricing and when handling repairs and miscommunications. Please click here to view the Tree Service Comparison Chart. Here’s how its meant to be used: If you are gathering estimates from one or two other companies, place their names at the top of the columns and check off the features that apply to them. Discern how our company rates as well, then compare the results as you decide who to hire. We trust that as you consider the bigger picture, the decision between companies will be easier for you to make. Of course, we are confident that you will find Tree Work Now to be superior in professionalism, safety and value. The very fact that we designed such a chart implies the fact that our Orlando tree service is actively paying attention to these two dozen factors and seeking to constantly improve on each as we offer tree trimming and tree removal services in the Orlando area. We hope to be of help to you as you seek to have a positive experience in addressing your tree needs, and that you are able to enjoy an increase in the safety, beauty, and health of your landscape. Best wishes in this quest! Please let us know how we may assist you: 407-416-2704 or Thank you.

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