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Apr 10 2009

42 Customer Testimonials Provide Objective Preview of our Company

Staggering! That’s the word to describe how different your experience can be depending on which of Orlando’s tree services you hire. A few will serve you with a high level of professionalism, integrity and quality workmanship. The biggest difference is seen in how the situation is addressed when something goes wrong. As you know to be true in every day life among people: their true colors come out when adversity strikes.

Of course, every Orlando tree service promises the world in their advertising, but given the state of this industry’s reputation, we know that they all can’t be true! So how do you weed out the losers who are likely to take your deposit and run, or damage your property and then not answer your phone calls, or butcher your trees to the point that they’re unsightly and/or dying?

Obviously, having the right insurances and accreditations help, and good judges of character can read an estimator fairly well. But as I see it, hearing what previous customers have to say about an Orlando tree service’s work is the best way to get a genuine inside peak before you entrust your tree trimming or tree removal to them.

As you may have noticed on this site, we have residential and commercial testimonials from our customers as well as a list of references. We even have a “Fixing a Problem” section, where two of our initially unhappy customers detail how we went the extra mile to make things right. But in the end, you’ll probably realize that we collected those testimonials and asked our web folks to post them. We assure you that the vast majority of our customers would write similarly glowing records of their experience with us. But anyone could make such claims, right?

So, how do you find truly objective reviews of a tree service in Orlando as you decide who will trim or remove your trees? My answer:

Why? Any of our customers can log in and say how they liked our work, our attitude, our customer service, our promptness, our thoroughness, our aesthetic touch on their landscape. So, even our least satisfied customers can go online and say whatever they want! In fact, all comments are submitted on by individual customers themselves. Merchants like us are not allowed to post them on behalf of customers. Given this amazing level of objectivity, don’t you want to know what your fellow Orlando homeowners are saying about us and other Orlando tree services? If you’re interested, click here.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find on the first page of this search for tree service in Orlando (as of 4/10/09):

19 businesses are not rated at all. Two businesses received one review each and both were one star, which is the worst rating the customer could give. One other business received but one review and it was a 5 star – the top mark. Another business received two reviews with an average of 4.5 stars. The next highest number of reviews given to a business was eleven reviews, but averaging only 1.5 stars – consistently unsatisfactory! The only other business out of the 25 on the first page to receive reviews was us – Tree Work Now. How many reviews do you think we have and how many stars did we receive on average? Its crazy, but we’ve received reviews from 42 different customers and we have a FIVE STAR AVERAGE! 72% of all the reviews given to the 25 businesses on the first page of (under “tree service” in Orlando) are given to us and they’re all superb! Please go and read these 42 paragraphs describing (often in detail) how we treated each of these customers and obliterated their expectations from an industry as sloppy and shoddy as tree service has come to be known. You can tell that I’m a proud company owner, especially since I’ve hired and trained my crews to work towards the top company goal of raising the industry standard. Let’s review: most of our competitors don’t have a single customer rating. 3 out of the 5 other companies that were reviewed received extremely negative ratings.

So, all that to say, beware who you entrust your property to! We encourage you to do your homework and let the experience of others guide you. There’s a reason that word of mouth is still the best advertising! is a great way to gauge the reputation of a tree service in Orlando before you risk the safety of your home and family, the beauty of your landscape, and the health of your trees.

We pledge to continue offering this exceptional level of customer care, safety, thoroughness, promptness, and fair pricing. We look forward to serving you with our professional grade equipment and expertise.

For a free estimate, please contact Jim in Orlando at 407-416-2704 or Dani in Daytona at 386-216-4481. Thank you!

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