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Feb 14 2009

Tree Trimming along the railroad!

This had to be one of our most interesting Orlando/Daytona tree trimming jobs. Florida East Coast railway contracted with us to trim trees that were growing too close to the tracks and were tangled in telephone lines. Just getting there was a challenge! We entered a very narrow gravel lane right next to the tracks from behind the Spruce Creek fire station #3. Although my general manager and crew chiefs are among the best in the business at supervising tree service job sites, I couldn’t resist breaking away from my duties to take part in this job myself. We drove slowly along the tracks for two miles on the bumpy gravel lane, thankful that all of our company vehicles are All Wheel Drives! Along the way, we witnessed massive $3 million machines in action cleaning out the dirt the settles into the gravel under the train tracks. As I wielded a polesaw, Kincaid manned the ropes for John, one of our expert climbers. In his 20 years of experience, John had never paused his work for a bone-jarring train to pass through. Adding to the access challenges was a water-filled ditch directly above the trees we were trimming or removing! With a little creativity, the challenges were overcome and Florida East Coast Railway inspected our work with pleasure. We were glad to make the railway from Miami to Jacksonville safer for Amtrac passengers and cargo train engineers. We look forward to tackling any tree service challenges you may have for us!  -by Evan Keller, Company Owner

All Clear!

All Clear! Tree Trimming Along Daytona Railway

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