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Apr 19 2011

Price Gouging Alert Issued By Orlando’s Leading Tree Service


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Dec 07 2010

Tree Work Now Owner Launches Business Development Projects in Haiti and Honduras

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Dec 01 2010

Orlando Tree Pruning at-a-Glance

Our latest newsletter: Tree Pruning At-a-Glance

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Oct 01 2010

Tree Work Now’s Fall 2010 Newsletter: DIY Tips and 6 Danger Signs to Assess the Storm-Readiness of your Trees

Please see our inaugural issue of “Tree Matters”, launched to assist you as you care for the safety, health and beauty of your Orlando area trees. This issues includes a do-it-yourself tip that could very well save your life if you attempt to trim or remove trees yourself. The other major article offers you six danger signs to look for as you inspect your trees for storm-readiness. We hope you enjoy our newsletter at the following link:

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Jun 13 2010

New Arborist in our Orlando tree service

Tree Work Now’s General Manager has obtained his ISA Certified Arborist credential. A difficult test to pass involves knowledge of tree species, biology, proper pruning techniques, etc. This credential boosts customer confidence, especially when they have concerns such as insect and disease treatment, structural pruning, and professional recommendations about choosing the proper tree and placing it an appropriate place given its mature size. Now Tree Work Now has two Certified Arborists at its disposal when difficult tree issues arise. Even employees who do not have this advanced designation are still quite knowledgeable about trees and our average years of experience on our crews is astounding.

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May 15 2010

Social media clinic benefits our Orlando tree service

A big thanks to for hosting a free clinic on social media. Lisa Ekinci and Kayhan Ekinci, as a service to Chamber of Commerce members and SCORE participants, offered complimentary advice regarding utilizing social media to promote our Orlando tree trimming and removal services. Look for us on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn for ongoing news and articles regarding care for your Orlando area trees.

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Apr 15 2010

Bartering Good for our Orlando Tree Service

In an economy such as this, we sure need to preserve our cash flow any way we can! Our Orlando tree service just this week is barting Orlando tree trimming and removal for some signs from an Orlando sign shop. Updating our trailer signs wouldn’t have come to the top of the priority list otherwise, but definitely needed replacing to maintain our sharp image that is consistent with our quality service and professionalism in the way we conduct our tree removal Orlando operations. We also received some yard signs in the deal which allows us to promote our tree trimming Orlando work in the neighborhoods we serve. Have a great day and thanks for helping Tree Work Now to become a leading Orlando tree trimming company.

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Apr 13 2010

Devoted Clients – Why this is part of our Orlando tree service’s vision statement

Continuing an exposition of Tree Work Now’s vision statement, I’d like to share why we seek to earn 100,000 devoted Orlando tree service clients. Because we seek to develop long term relationships with customers, we choose to use the term clients instead. And ‘devoted’ is even more intense than ‘loyal’. We aim to offer our tree removal Orlando customers such exceptional value and service, over-the-top professionalism and care for their property and concerns that they will indeed become devoted to Tree Work Now, hiring us each time their trees need work and enthusiastically referring us to their neighbors, friends and family who may need Orlando tree trimming services.

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Apr 12 2010

New Vision statement for our Orlando tree service will guide us into the future

Vision: Redefine the industry standard as we earn 100,000 devoted clients.

Our Orlando tree service is motivated by the double goal of raising the level of professionalism among tree services and gaining dominant market share in Central Florida. The go hand in hand. Only by impacting nearly 100,000 people in Central Florida will we begin to shape the industry in a significant way, raising customer expectations and requirements of tree trimming Orlando. And as we become the redefiners of the industry standard, we will naturally be the tree removal experts of choice in Orlando. The redefinition will include a commitment to safety, customer property protection, thoroughness and extraordinary customer care. More about the vision of our Orlando tree removal company will come in the next post.

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Apr 11 2010

Neighbors coordinate their Orlando tree service with Tree Work Now

Yesterday, Tree Work Now served 4 tree trimming customers on the same block, making a lot of noise but improving virtually the cul-de-sac’s entire treescape. Orlando tree service customers are wise to coordinate tree removal and trimming with their neighbors to save on costs and also to make two sides of the same tree look right by trimming borderline trees at the same time. This also promotes healthy growth as well. Open communication and coordination can improve relationships among neighbors as we’ve seen years-long rifts form when work along property lines is not discussed between neighbors. Thank you for helping Tree Work Now to become Orlando’s leading provider of tree removal services.

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