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Oct 01 2010

Tree Work Now’s Fall 2010 Newsletter: DIY Tips and 6 Danger Signs to Assess the Storm-Readiness of your Trees

Please see our inaugural issue of “Tree Matters”, launched to assist you as you care for the safety, health and beauty of your Orlando area trees. This issues includes a do-it-yourself tip that could very well save your life if you attempt to trim or remove trees yourself. The other major article offers you six danger signs to look for as you inspect your trees for storm-readiness. We hope you enjoy our newsletter at the following link:

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Jun 08 2009

Tropical Depression A Reminder to Orlando Residents that Preventative Tree Service can Save them Money

Tree service is something Orlando area residents have been putting off as long as possible during this economic downturn. The tropical depression that has dumped so much rain on Orlando this week has reminded homeowners that tree trimming and tree removal is a money-saving preventative measure to protect their greatest investment. Unfortunately, many trees have fallen on homes. Some which we removed from Orlando area roofs had danger signs which should have been caught earlier. Obviously, emergency removal and roof replacement is costlier than taking care of such Orlando tree removal and tree trimming ahead of time. So, what are the danger signs to look for? There are several, including rotting or splitting trunks, trees that lean over a roof or are growing too close to the home. Look in the crotch of a multi-trunked tree to see if there is excessive moisture, rotting or splitting. Some fungi and mushrooms are deadly to trees and some are benign. Other diseases and insects can be identified for you by our estimators and/or certified arborist. Feel free to call 407-416-2704 for a free estimate. Or submit a request on our website.

By far the most frequent need is not to remove a tree but to trim it from over the roof. We trim trees according to arborist standards so that it grows healthier, safer and more beautifly. Limbs naturally extend over roofs because there are no trees where a house is standing to compete for the sunlight! So they grow towards the open sunlight in your home’s airspace. Yearly pruning helps trees to grow in their characteristic shape without taking too much canopy off at once (compare cutting your hair to amputating!). This will take weight off your roof annually since hurricane season is also an annual affair. Furthermore, since the trees must grow laterally to reach the sunlight above your home, many of those branches are not structurally sound. Ponder the physics of it with me. You can imagine that more vertally extending branches are better supported by the trunk. You can follow the weight line and see that a branch extending horizontally is much more difficult for the trunk to support. To illustrate it for you, imagine holding a heavy wooden baseball bat with one hand. Do you think you could hold it longer if you extended the weight-bearing arm straight up over your head or if you held it straight out parallel to the ground? I think the answer is obvious and is analagous to the horizontally¬† extended tree branches over your Orlando home. That’s why its important to lighten the weight on them each year and remove some that are not structurally sound.

Tree service in Orlando is like many things: pay some now or pay a lot more later. Not only will it save you money, but it will add value, beauty, and health to your trees. So protect your home and your family by making sure your heavy trees are ready for the storms.

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Jun 08 2009

Hurricane Prep for Orlando Tree Service Customers

If you are considering hiring an Orlando tree service, it will generally cost you less to do so before the peak of hurricane season arrives. At Tree Work Now, we try to keep our prices steady throughout the year, only charging at a higher rate for emergency tree trimming and tree removal which usually occurs in the middle of the night or during heavy wind/rain. Removing trees from Orlando roofs is the most common emergency operation we conduct and the pricing reflects the heightened danger that such circumstances bring.

Supply and demand drives prices up and down. Most Orlando tree services are slammed in July through September. As Heather, our customer satisfaction specialist, has been calling previous customers to schedule their pre-hurricane season checkups, most have said “Call back in July”. Unfortunately, Orlando homeowners don’t feel the need to address their tree service needs until tree services in Orlando are already overly busy and some may even be out of state doing storm work. We at Tree Work Now always have at least one crew operating here in Central Florida, but greater demand makes it difficult to provide tree trimming and tree removal services at our ordinarily speedy response time. With an abundance of high quality equipment and numerous highly skilled tree workers, we will certainly be able to service all of our Orlando area customers, but such work will be schedule a week or two out instead of being completed within a week of coming to an agreement on the tree pruning that is necessary from Oviedo to Winter Springs, from Winter Park to Longwood, from Lake Mary to Heathrow, from Orlando to Daytona, from Port Orange to Ormond Beach, from DeBary to Sanford. In a rare case, it is possible that a storm could strike and do much property damage before the day of the scheduled job arrives. As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, if Orlando homeowners would consider getting their trees storm-ready a month or two before the peak of hurricane season, they’d get faster service and slightly better prices. It would help Orlando area tree services keep steadier work weeks for their employees which translates into a more even income stream for their families in a business that is very cyclical – feast or famine.

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