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Charity Work

In addition to some local volunteer work for Family Renew Community, currently supports two development projects in Central America and the Caribbean:

The Alliance for International Reforestation, Inc. or AIR, is a non-profit organization working to make a difference for the people of Guatemala and Nicaragua. AIR plants trees, establishes tree nurseries, provides environmental education for teachers and farmers, digs wells, builds fuel-efficient brick ovens, and helps to educate everyone about the environmental challenges facing Central America. Please visit their website at: and consider donating or volunteering yourself!

charity work
"We were so thankful for the tree cutting, trimming and hauling donated by Dani and Tree Work Now for the clearing of the Porter House Property for our first Annual DeLeon Springs Art Among The Trees Fine Arts Festival. Working on a tiny budget in a modest community, we were so grateful for the beautiful job they did. The property was lovely when they were through and our festival was a huge success. We highly recommend Tree Work Now! Thanks Dani and Tree Work Now!"
Deleon Springs Community Association Inc

Tree Work Now owner, Evan Keller, has launched Entrust, a non-profit organization to alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Caribbean. Learn about our business-to-business mentoring programs in Haiti and Honduras at our website:

Who We Are: Businesspeople and academics from developed and developing countries joined in long-term partnerships to combat the dehumanizing effects of poverty.

What We Do: Local and international mentors work together to develop cascades of mentoring relationships which release the entrepreneurial creativity of entire communities.

Follow Entrust's progress in creating jobs in Haiti and Honduras through these newsletters written by Tree Work Now owner Evan Keller: February 2012 | December 2011 | October 2011 | August 2011 | July 2011 | March 2011 | December 2010

ENTRUST: Partners in Enterprise | Vision: Thousands of developing-world businesses reducing poverty, restoring dignity and renewing communities. Mission: Mentor and train entrepreneurs as they break the cycle of poverty.

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